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“The human body resonates at the same frequency as Mother Earth.

So instead of only focusing on trying to save the earth, which operates in congruence to our vibrations, I think it is more important to be one with each other.

If you really want to remedy the earth, we have to mend mankind.

And to unite mankind, we heal the Earth.

That is the only way.

Mother Earth will exist with or without us.

Yet if she is sick, it is because mankind is sick and separated.

And if our vibrations are bad, she reacts to it, as do all living creatures.” 

 Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suz


My mission is share with you wonders of Nature to help you restore your natural balance, bring you closer to the Nature, give you tools to reconnect with Mother Earth.

 Working with Ancient techniques, practiced by Shamans and Medicine People all around the world for millennia,

 you can overcome old beliefs & sabotaging patterns and create the life you always dreamed of.

Working with Sacred Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, 

you can transform your body, mind and put your soul on fire.

Waking up to your truest desires and passions you can become unstoppable and

the most authentic version of yourself.

This is Your Barefoot Journey to your personal power, transformation and empowerment.

Healing Tools are right here for you to discover.


We live on the Magnificent Planet where cure for most diseases is available in Nature,

in fact Nature is our True Medicine.

We are part of the Nature and we are Medicine for ourselves.

We are ONE with the Nature.

Sometimes we get stuck living with illusion of separation, we spend most of our life disconnected from the Nature,

 we seek for cure in the places that bring only temporary relief.

To connect with Nature, walking barefoot and leaving footprints of gratitude & love is the KEY to HEALING.

This is authentic medicine for ourselves and for our Planet Earth.

Take a step and reach your heart, look deep within yourself.

Have the courage to take your power back, bring your health to balance & life to harmony.

Walking with humble heart, begin your journey to become BAREFOOT WARRIOR.

Allow yourself to be present, to listen to your body, to heal and transform all the broken pieces of

your complex vehicle as your body is.

By healing yourself, you heal all those around you, before you & after you.

By healing yourself, you make this world a better place for our and future generations.

This is Barefoot Warrior Heart Vision: Bee Your Medicine.


Firewalking is an act of self- discovery practiced for millennia all around the world.

This is an Ancient sacred ceremony that purifies, heals and transform us.


In this sacred ritual you can overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.


Fire destroys what does not serve us any longer, making space for new to come, restoring and renewing balance in our body, just like our Nature renew itself after Winter.


For some people firewalking could be seen as an challenge that is empowering and inspiring.


By letting go of attachments and old believes you will wake up your true potential and passion, your true self, your Divine Fire- connection with your Soul & Spirit. 

If you are interested in organising Private or Corporate Firewalking Event,  as part of team development program within your company/ business, contact Bea for more info and to get a quote.


This is Sacred Ceremony that brings deep healing to the parts of your body that are resisting to be healed the most. It is deep personal experience and should be treated with respect. There is no place for bravery or ego here, surrender and trust are the keys. 

“That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” 
-Steve Jobs-


What is allicin?

When fresh garlic is cut or crushed, an amino acid, alliin, combines with an enzyme, allinase and a chemical reaction starts. The first compound that is formed is Allicin. Allicin, generated from fresh garlic, changes into a series of other sulphur compounds, known as thiosulphinates. Allicin is described as the 'mother' substance of garlic, which is responsible for the majority of its remarkable properties.

Allicin saved my life, my dog's life and helped many people around.

I cannot recommend higher Allicin products.

Check and decide for yourself!


Healing with mushrooms- mycotherapy, is one of the oldest and most proven natural methods of healing. Medicinal mushrooms have been proven effective in the treatment of many diseases for centuries.

People and animals can be holistically healed and the causes of diseases can be eliminated. The effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms is also supported by many scientific studies.

Medicinal Mushrooms help us to become and stay healthy and full of vital life force energy. They are rich in valuable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

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Promoting Art of local artists who find inspiration in Nature.

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