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about beatrice

- Bea Bee Kahuila

 Aloha! and Greetings my Loved ones!

I am the founder of the Gates of Mu- Vibrational Healing Wisdom, Edinburgh, Scotland.


I love Nature, I have natural gift of communicating with Animals and very close connection with all living beings.


 I believe Love is the strongest force in the Universe.


I've been studying various natural healing modalities and Ancient cultures to only grow in believe that we all have ability to heal our own body.

Getting close to the Nature, feeling the energy around, being connected to natural forces, four Elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth wakes in us unbelievable power, our Divine Fire.


This Divine Fire, the energy that flows through us, makes us to feel fully alive and in tune with our body and everything around. This gives us power to heal our own body, the burning passion to Life.


In Ancient times people knew that Nature, natural forces are our true teachers, they had respect and they honoured our Sacred Land, Waters, Fire, Air, Sky, Moon, Sun and all living beings.


Somewhere on our path, we people lost a bit this connection, we forgot a bit who we really are. If we want to heal, we need to go back to our roots, purify our body and connect again. This is the only way!


My dream, my vision is to share this Ancient knowledge, bring back honour and respect for our Elders and Sacred Land. To bring back memories of the times once on Earth where we were ONE!

Memories from the Land called MU- our MOTHERLAND, to bring healing for humanity and our Planet.

I hold Firewalk Instructor and Spiritual Leadership Training, certified by Sundoor, School of Transpersonal Education.

I am Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Master Level 4 of Crystal Keys (The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom- Advanced Vibrational Medicine).

I hold diploma in Crystal & Gem Therapy & Advanced Reflexology.

I am practitioner of Iridology, Toltec Healing Wisdom & Hawaiian Huna.

Studying Ancient Cultures, their wisdom and laws of the Nature is my deepest passion.

I am certified Mycotherapist, mushroom farmer and forager.

If you feel attracted to any of the work I do, would like to deepen your connection with the Universal Life Force Energy, Love, Life and our caring Mother Earth, bring your own life into balance, health & harmony or would you like to learn and share this knowledge with others to make this world a better place, please feel free to contact me for further information.

Everyone can access this knowledge to meet our authentic selves and live the life filled with health, love and joy in the heart! 


 I invite you to this Journey, sometimes it's challenging but is worth it!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Blessings with Joy, Love & Gratitude

- Bea Bee Kahuila

Vibrational Medicine with Bea Bee Kahuila,

I was born and raised in a small town in Poland, as a child of 80's, I have witnessed incredibly fast changes in technology, from first mobile phones to nowadays smart devices and upcoming virtual world.

We, as human race are evolving fast and its amazing how now technology is improving quality of our life. However, now more than ever, we need to remember to keep balance between reality and virtual world. The same as it is to keep balance between science and spiritual world. 

As Theodore Levitt said: 'Anything in excess is poison'

Thanks to my grandma, I had a chance to be close to Nature since early childhood. She showed me to pay attention to all around me, she thought me that everything created by Nature is full of life. Thanks to my grandma, I learned that even smallest creatures have purpose in life and we are all connected.

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