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AIR- The Sacred Breath

AIR- The Sacred Breath 

 The Breath of Life, The Winds of Change .


Air Element is about new beginnings, represents power of movement, new visions and new ideas.


Air is in our lungs, as long as we are breathing, we are alive.


Do we know how to breathe?

Do we always remember to breathe?

Element of AIR brings New Beginnings, Visions & Power of Movement
Air is a Breath of Life! Brings clarity and New Visions. What do you want to achieve in your life?
What are your plans for future? Focus on it!

Now is the perfect time to help to manifest all your heart desires.

Bring to reality all you dreamed of.
We will be working with breathing techniques, chanting, Sacred Sound of Wind Gong during meditation to clear your mind, bring focus to the present moment and perception of true-self (self-realisation).
Arrow breaking ritual to help you break through your own barriers and limiting beliefs, to help you recognise your true potential and give you power to face new challenges that come on your path. Those exercises are working miracles if you are looking to improve your communication skills, concentration and visualisation.
Working with element of Air is beneficial for Artists, Writers, Teachers and everyone who is looking to improve self- confidence, self- expression and creativeness.
Working with element of Air is also beneficial to overcome additions of any kind and free the mind from attachments and old habits.


Join me for:

*Breathing Techniques


*Sound Healing Session- Gong Bath

*Arrow Breaking Rituals 


You can book individual personal session or join for one day workshop to experience all. 

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