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Animal Healing & Communication Edinburgh

I believe we all are Divine Beings, including smallest creatures on this Planet. We often forget that animals at our home, our pets are our family and their health is not less important than ours. They are here for us and love us unconditionally, in fact they are our true spiritual healers and teachers. Animals naturally sense when we are not well and often without our knowledge, they bring healing energy to us. Often they pick up our stress and illness. They can't speak for themselves, we are their voice, we need to listen to their needs and messages they are trying to send to us. It is very important for us to learn how to communicate with our furry friends.

Animals the same as kids respond with ease to energy healing, they naturally sense and feel the energy as their connection with natural forces is much stronger than humans.

I have life long experience with pets and my natural abilities to communicate with them started in early childhood, since I remember.

I offer holistic healing for pets and animals in Midlothian & East Lothian area.

If you are on low income or benefits and would like to use my services to help your pet, I am accepting donations.

I know how expensive is pet health care and we are not always in the position to satisfy their needs. 

Please get in touch with me if you feel your pet can benefit from Reiki, Sound and Crystal Therapy Session.

Remote Sessions also available.

Email Beatrice:

“Angels are sent on Earth in the furry form of an Animal, for us to heal and to learn Unconditional Love.
They are our Soul Mates, Friends, Healers & best Teachers.” 
-Bea Bee Kahuila-

Animal Healing & Communication Edinburgh


Since I remember, I was able to 'talk' to animals and with support from my beloved grandma, those qualities stayed alive in me. I was growing up in the countryside surrounded by pets, farm animals and wild animals, many of them were my best friends. Many of them helped me, I helped many and too big number of them I have lost. They were always my greatest teachers of all, from small spiders to big horses and cows. In my high school I was studying Biology- Chemistry faculty, thinking of becoming a doctor, to realise I am not good with facing the blood. I went a long way since then, experiencing many different directions and aspects of life to finally realising- animals are my life!

On this road to self- discovery and healing my connection with the Nature, love and compassion to all living organisms was growing stronger in power.

At first I became holistic therapist and for the past 5 years, helping mostly people, to wake up one day knowing that my mission on this Planet is not only to help humans, but mostly animals.

Now with my background in Energy Healing: Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Reflexology I can help both, people and their furry friends.

This is my passion and love, my heart is singing when I see a happy pet, but also is crying when I see so many of animals suffering. 

My mission is to help millions of living creatures, including humans too. We people need to learn how to listen our pets needs, we need to learn how to respect them and honour their presence in our lives. They are here for us, to heal us and to teach how to love, love unconditionally! They are masters in that!!!


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