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Consultations with Bea Bee Kahuila


If you are not sure what therapy would work best for you, please contact me via email or mobile for a free consultation.


I offer personal consultations to identify the roots of the disease and body's predisposition to the illness:

  • Miasma detection (homeopathic approach of body predisposition to the illness) and

  • Iridology (Iris of the eye examination, diagnosing your health)


In most cases physical condition is the final result of emotional/ mental imbalances ongoing for certain period of time, very often passed within genetic code through generations or different kind of traumas from childhood. Manifested as a physical condition, our body is sending us messages that it's getting hard to deal with it any more and is time to do something about it.


Miasma detection and/ or Iridology will give closer picture of who you are, which body parts are unbalanced and will be very helpful in your healing process.



Iridology it's not a therapy but it's the examination of the iris of the eye..

By observing and diagnosing the iris of the eye we can tell about the health in the other organs of the body. The parts mirror the whole- one part of the body mirrors to the rest of the body, so we get holographic picture of our organism in such a small organ as is iris of an eye.

Changes in iris can show physical, physiological and mental changes in other parts of the body but are not showing the actual disease. It can show the organ where the disease is located or where coming from, and here is the genetic information which is located in our DNA molecules.

For example, iris showing dysfunction of pancreas, indicates to a genetic history if diabetes.

Approaching Iridology as a holistic treatment is to allowing us to find the roots of disease before the symptoms will be visible.

The iris of the eye is this fantastic ‘tool’ or ‘instrument’ letting us to see those changes, and most of the times when we are not asleep is open for us to find out the true ‘what is wrong with us’



  • I also offer Mayan Astrology Oracle readings based on your Date of Birth. I am  finding that Mayan Astrology is very accurate and is very helpful tool of finding who we truly are and how we can work with ourselves for optimum harmony, balance and health in our life.

  • and Sacred Geometry Oracle Reading​



Consultations are available online and in person in my private healing space in Edinburgh.

I am happy to visit your place within EH area.


* 45mins-60mins session £40

* 1.5-2h deep session £70

* ONLINE £35 Ih



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