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*IMPORTANT* I'm no longer teaching crystal keys. email me for teacher in your area.


Aloha! Beautiful Soul!

I am certified to teach Crystal Keys- Ancestral Harmonic Healing, founded by Kathleen Murray.

I am Energy Master & Teacher of Crystal Keys, The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom, Advanced Vibrational Medicine and I hold Energy Mastery Level 4 certificate.

After training with me, you will get not only your own certificate to run your own holistic practice but you will gain self- healing and confidence necessary to run successful and fulfilling life-style.

Crystal Keys- Ancestral Harmonic Healing.
Energy Healing method founded by Kathleen Murray.
It’s not only Lemurian, it’s not only Atlantean it’s here and now, the healing that touches every aspect of ancestral part of you.
We do speak of Lemuria and Atlantis but as with everything, these are just metaphors, names, labels.
We don’t limit ourselves with labels, as we are infinite, indescribable, we exist in Vibrant Multiverse where our mind is our only limitation.
Wherever you are on your soul journey, you can start from there, connect yourself with your deepest roots and focus in the NOW, as only NOW exist.
To heal your pain, to heal your ancestral pain, to heal and free your soul.
This way you can move forward free of baggage from the past that is not really yours.
The baggage that always felt heavy to you, as you picked it up thinking you were responsible to carry it because you could feel it.
Now is the time to Unite and rediscover who we are.
Bring to the surface:
Love- Support- Gratitude- Kindness- Forgiveness- Compassion- Respect

Those are just a few keys to unlock the Gates to your full potential and purpose on this planet here and now.
Together we can heal ourselves, those before us and those who will come after us.
Love and support each other and live in the harmony with Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth!
Harmonic healing is what it is!
All starts with you.

Are you  ready?

 Crystal Keys- Ancestral Harmonic Healing training will bring you closer to who you really are and empower your true self. For beginners or existing therapists to incorporate this powerful healing method into own practices. You will learn how to connect & work with crystals and crystal skulls, healing sound, sacred elements, sacred geometry and plant medicine.

Bea  runs Crystal Keys training once a year in Scotland in Lemurian Temple, the birth place of those courses where you can attend in person or you can join online training and study from your private comfort zone anywhere in the world. 

Please note: only level 1& 2 can be done online, if you wish to continue on this journey and receive accredited certificate, you would still need to come for practical training in person. (please contact me for details).

The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom, called Crystal Keys were founded by healer and teacher Kathleen Murray and Kalif the crystal skull working together with other skulls and crystals to find the deep ways of healing to deal with pain, grief and anger that was in her life that time.

Crystal Keys is a deep energy healing from ancient knowledge of vibrational medicine which includes work with crystals, sound, colours, symbols and vibrational remedies. Vibrational healing is about what is needed in exact moment of time and brings our bodies to balance to reach our higher self. Crystal Keys can be used for any situation needing healing. It can be used for healing for people, animal, places and lands. Crystal Keys are here to unlock our awareness of our fears, face them, relief and resolve and by doing that we come to peace within ourselves.

  Crystal Keys are the medicine that transforms everything what is not love into Love. Love has unbelievable power of healing and we hold this medicine in ourselves. Love is able to transmute and transform all fears and separations from the Divine Source of Creation.

  In reality, the Crystal Key is You and you are learning to unlock your Divine Power. All of us carry memories and data from our lemurian selfs, the crystalline beings, that’s where we have stored them. It is time now to bring those memories back for healing.

Having the ability to be clear and using the energy with the power of our hearts. Re-creating a bond with our souls and recognizing the Divinity in ourselves and all consciousness. Feeling the disconnectedness that runs throughout all levels of our Beings, taking us into levels and depths of Self, discover-able through sacred geometry and the fractal nature of the universe in Lemurian crystals and crystal skulls.

There is a huge opening in humanity’s consciousness to Lemuria, not just the possible existence of an island called Lemuria (which in its latter days co-existed with the island of Atlantis); but to Lemurian consciousness and the Lemurian vibration that can exist anywhere there is a Lemurian who calls in the presence of Divinity.

Kathleen has been teaching Crystal Keys since 2001 and guided by the Council of Lemurian Elders since 2004, to learn more about Lemuria and to share this with people who are Lemurian souls; to reawaken in them a knowing of their Lemurian beings and their homeland.

The Council of Elders call Lemuria the period on Earth, really before the existence of time; when the consciousness of Gaia was in light and we were all Light beings here together to create a paradise on Earth. So Lemuria, according to the Elders started with the Light of Galactic consciousness and covers all our experiences of individuation from the Divine Beings we are into matter. It covers all the manifestation of the different species on Earth, with the Galactic Light each carries and the creation of sacred spaces on Earth and in Gaia’s body. There is no separation between our journey on Earth and Gaia. In Lemuria, which is only a vibration away in our wonderful holographic perception, we are the Earth guardians; we have many different forms before we took human form. We can discover ourselves as “mythical” creatures like dragons and unicorns. In Lemuria when we held our Divine Beings on Earth, merged with Gaia’s consciousness and if we reconnect with our Lemurian selves we are bringing in the power of creation of wholeness on Earth, which is the journey we are all on now.

By “remembering” or reawakening our Lemurian potential we are closer to the truth of who we are (whatever that means to us as multi-dimensional beings). This awakening is a deep soul call that enriches our life now. It gives us access to our greater potential and to all the power of manifestation through our hearts.

As Lemurians we believe in freedom for all sentient beings, freedom to be loved and to be in Love. The Lemurian ideals, which have been held by many reincarnated Lemurians in cultures like the Aborigines, Tibetans, Mayans, Hawaiians and North American Indians to name a few; are about finding a peaceful way out of every situation, there is no need for conflict, on whatever scale. We are all connected in Oneness, as human beings, as a species on Earth with other species, and with the consciousness of Gaia. Everything we do to another is what we do to ourselves.

Lemurian ideals are HONOR, RESPECT, HONESTLY and LIVING IN LOVE so there is always courage to be transparent. In the pure Lemurian vibration shame does not exist; we do not need to be ashamed of being human or being spiritual. We can ask for assistance from our ancestors, who are often ourselves, to heal the shame which has been passed down from generation to generation. There is natural shame which comes from being separate from the Divine, the mother, and every individuation we experience. Then there is un-natural shame which was seeded in genetic manipulation and programming by those involved in the dis-empowerment.

All can be seen and recognized for what it is and brought into wholeness in us, this is our journey of empowerment with LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS.

Let us remember and share our Lemurian Healing Wisdom together!

Memories from previous Crystal Keys courses

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