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FIRE- The Sacred Flame, Spirit


 Divine Sparkle, Spirit.

Element of Fire brings purification and transformation, death and rebirth.

Through death and our transformation, we enter into new life.

We are born again, this is our new life that starts with one sparkle, the sparkle of creation.
When the semen enters the egg literally it creates the spark.

Yes, this is the spark of creation.

It is the moment of ignition, moment of this first fire.

And, yes we are creation of love.

Development of consciousness.
We are coming back to source, re-remember our origins, to see and have new perception from the place of balance, union of masculine and feminine, from the womb, the sacred safe place.
When we are born, when we are kids, we have this sparkle, this fire in us running free. We know what we want, what is good for us and we naturally try to align to it. Only to realise in adult years that this sparkle was killed in us in the process of growing up.
We are losing the sense of who we are, we don’t know anymore how to play and enjoy the moment.
And this is the time to reconnect with our divine fire, to bring memories back, to become who we were when we were born. Our true and authentic selves.
To bring our power back!
To be reborn and better version of yourself, holding not only memories from this life time but ancestors.
To share the wisdom from the heart.

What is Fire?
Fire is love and pain in one, as love for many of us is usually leading to pain.

We love, and we suffer, but only if we are not truly aligned with ourselves.

Only when we have expectations we suffer.

When we let go with flow, all works in divine favour for us.

Fire is creation and destruction in one.
The same principle is with fire, when you build bonfire, when you lit it and have a sparkle, you never know if the winds will be friendly enough to create the flame strong enough to warm you.
The same with our life, if you are reading this you are one lucky sparkle that became the big fire, surviving waters in mother’s womb, to finally become strong physical body as Mother Earth is.

So, what is the meaning of fire in our life?
Fire cleanse and destroy everything what no longer serve us.

Fire is unique essence of who we are, brings to the light our authentic selves, invisible part of our being.
Our divine fire, our passion and true desires, our inner radiance.
Fire brings courage, inspiration and empowerment.
By letting go of old attachments we can wake up our divine fire, our true power.

Sacred Fire Ceremonies are practiced for millennia all around the world.


I invite you to join me in our Sacred Fire Ceremonies:


*Firewalking Ceremonies

*Agnihotra Rituals


Hosted by Bea Bee Kahuila, Sundoor Certified Firewalking Instructor

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