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FIREWALKING Public & Private Events

Firewalking Public & Private Events and Ceremonies in Scotland & other parts of UK with Beatrice, Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor.

In Aztec tradition it's believed that human body has three important energy centres that keep us alive. Teyolia, which means 'divine fire' is one of them.

 Teyolia is located in our heart and blood and till is there we are alive.

Another two centres are located in head and the liver.

Teyolia ‘divine fire’ represents our soul, of who we truly are, creates our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Negative thoughts can destroy us creating many types of diseases, fears, limitations. Overthinking can bring chaos to our mind and have a big impact on our health and wellbeing. This is happening when our ‘divine fire’ is out of balance.

Firewalking is a very effective way to bring our ‘Teyolia’ into balance by transforming, cleansing and purifying our body on mental, emotional, physical and soul level bringing us empowerment, passion and full potential.

Fire as one of the elements of creation plays very important role in our ecosystem. Fire is seen by some people as destructive but fact is and has been confirmed by scientists today that fire is vital and necessary to the renewal of our planet. Not only planet requires renewal but our spirit too in order to have healthy body.

We are uniquely fire creatures on a uniquely fire planet’ – quote by Stephen Pyne, historian from Arizona State University, who spent his life studying subject of fire. He also says that our planet is primed of ignition ‘stuffed with organic fuels, its atmosphere saturated with oxygen, its surface pummelled by lighting.’

Please check our Facebook page for upcoming Public Firewalking Events.   

If you are interested in organising Private Firewalking Event, for example for your Birthday Hen/ Stag Parties, Weddings or any other occasion contact Bea for more info and to get a quote.

Bea is based in Edinburgh, Scotland but can travel to any location in the World.

Participants: 10-120 people

We also host Corporate and Charity Firewalks.

Contact via email:


Firewalking is an act of self- discovery practiced for millenia all around the world.

This is an Ancient sacred ceremony that purifies, heals and transform us.


In this sacred ritual you can overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.


Fire destroys what does not serve us any longer, making space for new to come, restoring and renewing balance in our body, just like our Nature renew itself after Winter.


For some people firewalking could be seen as an challenge that is empowering and inspiring.


By letting go of attachments and old believes you will wake up your true potential and passion, your true self, your Divine Fire- connection with your Soul & Spirit. 

Memories from previous Firewalking Events