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services for business owners

Are you a business owner?
Is your business bringing abundance and prosperity?
Do you feel complete and successful in what you are doing?

Running own business, being own boss seems like dream life.

You can work for yourself, chose the hours you want to work, enjoying the freedom of making decisions.

You have a great business idea ad business plan. You are excited and motivated for new beginnings. But once you are in the business, you discover that not always is easy to be your own boss. With time when things don't go smooth as you expected, you lose motivation, you become tired and eventually overwhelmed with responsibilities.

So, how to make your business to be successful and profitable?


 Let me tell you a bit of my story.

I've started my first business in 2003, it was a Pub/ Restaurant, after one year it became a big failure, not only financially but mentally exhausting. Soon after closing it down, I've jumped into several MLM strategy businesses, which were fairly prospering at that time, to finally opening Lingerie Ltd company back in 2011. Due to bereavement and unexpected family circumstances, with huge regrets, it had to go to liquidation.

In 2012 The Gates of Mu came to life, holistic business offering natural healing sessions and personal development for people around the world. First time in my life, I feel I am in the right place, helping people, watching them grow and become better versions of themselves makes my heart sing.


Today after 15 years of learning on my own mistakes, I feel it is the right time to help people like me, people who dream to share great ideas, be independent but struggle in business. I offer coaching not only for holistic businesses but any small businesses like retail shops, cafe shops, etc.

In most of the cases success of the business depends on the person running it and proper mindset, motivation are necessary here. The energy you are giving to your business plays an important role of what you are getting back. Energy is everywhere, people, places, we share energy constantly and most of the times not even being aware of it.

Working on your own energy that you are giving into your business is very important, but also your office, shop, commercial premises the place where you are running your business from stores energy. often heavy energy is building up and blocking from your business to fully blossom. This could be from your own energy, from energy of your clients, from energy of the previous owners or simply stagnant energy that building holds, geopathic stress.  

You can read more about geopathic stress HERE >>>


What can I do for you and your business?
How can I help your business to grow and flourish?
Are you working 8 days a week and still don't see the payday?

I know how stressful and overwhelming can be being own boss, I have spent many years learning hard way, today I would like to share with you my experiences and I would love to help you become successful in your business and personal life.


I believe small businesses are most important for healthy economy and they are the ones that have most difficult start ups. Many are giving up before third year in business. Those need the help and support the most. 

I offer sessions to help bring you prosperity and abundance in your business:





The rates vary depending on your requirements. 

First 1 h consultation is FREE OF CHARGE.


(Please NOTE, I may not always be able to answer the phone call when I am with other client, but will get back to you as soon as possible.


Blessings, Bea

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