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BEe your medicine- flow like a river

one day workshop

with sacred element water

Healing power of water, heal your emotions with healing your waters

Hosted by Bea Bee Kahuila, Sundoor Certified Firewalking & Glasswalking Instructor

Element of WATER  brings Healing, Trust  & Intuition 

Join us at this life transforming event with Glasswalk Ceremony, Water Blessings & Ho'oponopono- Hawaiian Healing.



In this 6 hours workshop you will be working closely with Element of Water, one of the 4 Sacred Elements.

Everything in Universe is made up of four Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, together with Vital Force Energy we come to life in the physical form. This is base of our existence, balancing energy of those Elements in the body will bring health, harmony and happiness.

We will meet in the morning for Sacred Bath Ritual to cleanse your physical and mental body.

You will learn how to control your feelings and emotions.

I will share with you powerful Ho'oponopono, Sacred Hawaiian method to bring forgiveness to others and self.

HAKALAU- Expanding Awareness Hawaiian Technique.

Followed by Glasswalking Ritual.

Glasswalking it's a Sacred Ceremony that brings deep healing to the parts of your body that are resisting to be healed the most. It is deep personal experience and should be treated with respect. There is no place for bravery or ego here, surrender and trust are the keys. 

Many people do not feel ready to take those steps, but I have also met ego driven individuals who think it is nothing special, just challenge, till they took this first step....

The fact is, nobody is really, really ready to face sharp and broken parts of themselves, that's what walking barefoot on broken glass can give you for sure, so be prepared.

Be prepared to meet your deepest fears and demons inside you. 

Be prepared to meet your survival instincts that tells you not to walk because it will hurt.

Be prepared to face your weak parts of you, the parts you do not tolerate in you.

Be prepared to see your whole life, the past events that you are not so proud of. 

Be prepared to meet much more of yourself, your authentic self!

Be prepared to receive healing and strength.


Once you decide to do this first step you give yourself the opportunity to see more, to feel more!

''I allowed myself to fully focus on every step I am taking, using my whole body, my mind, my spirit was there in that moment to help me to walk on my broken pieces and pick myself up together.

The moment of having clear mind, the moment of having no thoughts only own limits....

realising that we are limitless..... 100% of fucus, the true connection with myself..... Amazing experience...... remainder of present moment........ NOW!!!! ONLY NOW EXISTS!!! '' - Bea Bee Kahuila

Glasswalking is working miracles if you need to focus, clear your mind and stay in this moment.



*Warm and comfortable clothes

*Water and glass water bottle for water blessings


*swimming costume

*food to share

*Yoga mat



to be confirmed, Contact Bea for more info

Looking forward to see you there!

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