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EARTH- The Sacred Nutrition


Healing with Crystals and Plants

Element of EARTH  brings Health, Strength  & Manifestation 



In this 8 hours workshop you will be working closely with Element of Earth, one of the 4 Sacred Elements.

Everything in Universe is made up of four Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth, together with Vital Force Energy we come to life in the physical form. This is base of our existence, balancing energy of those Elements in the body will bring health, harmony and happiness.


Mother Earth, Gaia, it's a Sacred Nutrition for our Body, Mind & Spirit.

Join us for this one day workshop and learn how to connect with wisdom and crystalline energy of Grandmothers- crystals & stones that are millions of years old.

Connect with Gaia energy and plant medicine.

Meet your Spirit Animal and learn how to connect with animals and your pets.

To close the day I am honoured to share with you Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

During the workshop we will have two powerful meditations:

1. To connect with Crystalline energy of crystals

2. To meet your Spirit Animal

There will be introduction how to create Sacred Space around your home.



Crystals are the gift that Gaia gives to us of her living body. Crystals are natural energy resonators, they absorb, transmit and transform energy. Human body and all living species are crystalline in structure. There is no separation between us, we are all interconnected and we all resonate with Gaia. Every molecule of human and all living species vibrates at its own electromagnetic frequency and resonate with others. By understanding resonation between material bodies and energy around us, we can perceive ourselves as part of one living planet and move toward well-being and clarity.

Crystals are made of the same matter as we are and can help us to change our energy fields, bring our bodies to balance and health. Crystals are not only powerful healing tools but they are also good friends in our life-time journey. They are here in our lives to provide our own personal path with growth in ease and grace. Crystals can also be our major teachers in energy work. They are the energy masters, we can learn from them.

Crystals have a pure energy and when someone is out of balance the crystals pure vibration will change their vibration and bring the body into balance. The crystals are chosen by you or you by them. Each one will match your vibrational resonance and help you expand your energy fields as you grow on your spiritual journey. So the crystals are personal tools in addition to being a way to create a high resonant energy field around the person needing healing. These crystals are all joined in consciousness with crystal temples, crystal skulls and the crystalline banks of energy of Gaia.The energy field of different crystals is influenced by geometrical form, colour and subtle vibration. 

During the meditation you will get chance to connect with energy of the most powerful crystals, Lemurian Seeds and Elestial Crystals- galactic messengers.

You will also learn basic crystal healing techniques for self healing.



Mother Earth is very generous giving us nutrition and food, and also sacred plants which have very powerful healing properties. Many traditions and cultures all over the Globe use sacred smoke from plant medicine in rituals, ceremonies and prayers for cleansing from negative energies and purifying people, houses and the sacred places. This is called Smudging in Native America. Smudging rituals cleanse mental, emotional and physical body and also the spirit. Smudging is a sacred ritual & ceremonial practice used for millennia around the world. Smudging cleanses, rebalances and opens for fresh energy and spirit, so our life flow freely and we can move forward. Stagnant old energy holds our spirits and self back from living the energetic authentic life. Plants carry their own energy, own medicine. We have many different plants and herbs which can not only heal us but our homes and the air. Smudging using plants and herbs brings element of Earth, where Abalone Shell brings element of Water, feather with smoke brings element of Air and finally burning herbs brings element of Fire. We also need to remember how beneficial for our health is consuming herbs and plants. I would like to tell a little bit about sacred plants I use in ceremonies and healing sessions for smudging and incense burning: before the session, during and after. The medicine plants I've found the most beneficial are: Palo Santo Sacred Wood, Frankincense Resin, White Sage Smudge,  Sweetgrass, Copal, Cedar and Tobacco. And of course Mystic Cacao used in ceremonies which taste gloriously and heals on all levels.



Did you ever considered chocolate as medicine?
Join us for Mystic Ix- Cacao Ceremony, heal your heart and discover your true passion.
For Mayans & Aztec's drinking of cacao elixir was the privilege of Royal, rich and spiritual people.
Cacao always has been sacred and used in rituals and ceremonies by Mesoamerican Ancestors for thousand of years.
Now you have a chance to discover this sacred medicine.
It gives life changing experience, breakthroughs and self- realisation. Nurtures all parts of our body that have been dried out, transform it and awakens our passion for life, our full potential and biggest desires.
Heals and renews the whole body, mind and spirit.
Our cacao is sourced and harvested for ceremonial purposes. It is high strength grade cacao that nurtures and energises our whole body. Our cacao comes from chocolate Shaman from Guatemala.




*comfortable clothes

*yoga mat


*food for sharing 

DATES FOR 2019: 

to be confirmed, contact Bea for more info

Looking forward to see you there!

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