Vision of the Heart


Vision of the Heart is one day healing event where you can unpack the suitcases of the past and let them go.

It's Your personal Journey within Yourself, this is Your Journey to self- discovery, journey to self - love, forgiveness and acceptance. For you to realise your true potential, who you really are and what is your mission on this planet.

This is your Journey to the very bottom of your heart where all the truths about you are hidden.  

Nowadays we tend to live very fast life, rushing every day, not having time for ourselves. We often separate ourselves from the source of our existence, bringing stress, tension, negative thoughts what is often leading to dis-ease. 

No matter what your believes are, no matter what is your culture and your religion, there is only one thing that each and every one of us deeply want in this life, to love and to be loved. Often we are seeking for love and acceptance in others, letting ourselves to get hurt. We expect from other people certain behaviour, we expect attention and love from others not giving it ourselves. We do not give enough time to listen our body. True is that we will be never fully happy and fully alive with ourselves and other people if we do not love, forgive, accept and understand ourselves first.

This secret to happiness, health and youth lies deeply in our hearts.

What we need to do is open to it and listen our own voice from within.

Get closer to the Nature and with help of Ancient knowledge we can become one with ourselves, others and the whole Universe. Bring our body to balance and release mental and emotional tension which is manifesting as a physical condition.  

Live life to full, breath in the energy of live and simply enjoy this moment.

Stay in this moment, forgive and let go of past so does not prevent from being focused on present moment and think less about future to be fully aware of the beauty of this present moment. 

I want to share with you what I've learned and what I am learning every day because healing our body is a constant complex process and we can't just do it once. Waking up every morning with gratitude in our heart that we are simply alive is part of our daily routine for healthy and balanced life style. And the most important is that we have ability within us to heal ourselves and others. Everyone can access this knowledge!  


I invite you to this Journey, sometimes it's challenging but is worth it! This is Vision of THE HEART.

I will show you some of the Ancient Healing Techniques practiced by Hawaiian Shamans, techniques to open your heart, to feel and heal. Techniques to empower you.


Ho'oponopono & HAWAIIAN WISDOM
Truly beautiful path to follow for life.
FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE and LOVE for deeper understanding of life and higher- self.
Ho'oponopono teachings in simplest form is:
I am sorry
Please, forgive me
I Love you
Thank you
So simple, yet extremely powerful prayer/ chant that changes your life.
The Legend says that the area now known as the Hawaiian Islands was the capital district of Lemuria.
Huna is an ancient Hawaiian art of healing and spiritual development. Huna is about empowerment, about increasing your energy, spirituality and metaphysical healing powers. Huna is about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection with your Higher Self to bring into your life whatever you desire.
The Kahuna are the healers from Hawaii, originally from Lemuria. They were the guardians of Huna, the profound inner knowledge from Lemuria. In ancient Hawaii, the Kahuna healed and taught in the spirit and vibration of ALOHA- manifesting through love. The purpose behind Kahuna teachings was and is the revelation of truth and self-realization within each individual. The wisdom and knowledge of the Kahuna is very ancient, coming directly from the ancient land of Lemuria. To gain knowledge, Lemurians connected with Divine Power through meditation and concentration. They were able to connect with the source and developed the art of mental telepathy to sense other dimensions. Huna teachings and principles are directly from the source of Lemuria.




HA --- WAI --- I
Breath --- Water --- Supreme
Mana – Life Force
So, Hawaii literally means:
‘’The Supreme Life Force Energy that rides on the BREATH’’

Not just ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ or even ‘love’
Sharing (alo) – joyful (ha)
In the present (alo) – of life energy (ha)

Watercolor Bird 2
Ho'oponopono- the Art of Forgiveness

Ho'oponopono & Hawaiian healing techniques are shared in one day public workshop and also as 3h personal development classes, in a private comfort zone one-to-one or couple sessions.

(on request up to 4 people)

This class is also available one-to-one online via whatsApp or messenger.

This class includes:

*introduction to Hawaiian Healing

* Ha breathing technique

*powerful forgiveness method Ho'oponopono

*Sacred Hawaiian Chant to connect

with Spirit & higher- self

*expanding awareness method Hakalau and more...

* on the full day workshop you will learn how to use those techniques for healing yourself and others.

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‘A bird is moved by its tail, a man is moved by its breath’.

Breathing can do far more than simply put oxygen into your blood. Here you will learn a special shamanic breathing technique ‘HA BREATHING’ for healing your body, your emotions, your mind.

- In memory of my great Ho’oponopono & Hawaiian Wisdom Teacher, Gary Plunkett (student of great Hawaiian Huna Lineage, including Uncle George Naope) Both shine their light from the sky now.

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Reaching Out to the Sun