My Gift- Seeing Unseen

It is funny how sometimes life can turn, often what we need in our life, we are pushing away the most. Not realizing that this can help us to be complete, healed and happy.

I always knew that I want to help people and have been searching for many years trying to find the ways how. Learning and studying different healing modalities.

To finally understand that what I was looking for was always inside of me.

I was very intuitive since I was a little child, I could get messages or visions from higher realms about people, places or situations. I guess I was born with those gifts, we can call it psychic gifts: psychic seeing (clairvoyance), psychic hearing (clairaudience), and psychic feeling (clairsentience).

Naturally getting messages and visions from unseen world since I was a little girl was very challenging for me. I did not fully understood the importance of it nor could I control it.  

Easiest and the most fascinating for me was to listen to animals, very easily I had known what they need or asking for. Making friends with wild animals was always great experience.

With people is different, sometimes I can see their past, sometimes future, sometimes I can just feel what they feel (most of the times when is a strong emotion involved).

For example:

I often just know that certain situation is going to happen in the near future or what the person is going to do. Being around the people I could easily pick up their energy, I could feel what other people feel.

I could pick up the messages from the places, from the walls of the buildings.

Many times there were feelings of pain, sadness, grief, which was upsetting me.

I would say that picking up somebody’s energy could destroy my day. I did not like that at all.

For some reason I liked spending time at the cemetery, listening to those who have left this world, they did not have nice stories to say but at least they were free of judgement.  

Many times when I told people about it, my family or friends, they were looking at me like I am crazy.  My father told that I have to stop imagining things and stop living in the fairly land.

I always had this feeling that I do not fit where I am. Born and raised up in the Catholic family I had to follow very strict rules. When women in my family had nothing really to say but obey the rules made by men.

Luckily I was fortunate enough to be raised by my Grandmother by most of the times, she was truly amazing spiritual teacher, who showed me how to be strong, how to have courage and trust in the heart. She was keeping alive my true spirit, she was the only one who listen to me, who believed in me and she was often asking me questions about people, situations, future. Always saying that if I want to get the answer, I have to ask and listen my heart. That my heart is always right.     

There are many stories to tell. But there is one from my childhood which proved that what I could see and hear was not only my imagination. That time my father worked in Germany and he was home every three months. One day I just said to my Mother and Grandma that Father is coming back today. My mum said, that this is not possible as he will be back in a few weeks’ time. My Grandma as always listened and asked: when exactly he will be back? I said, just wait, his car will show up at the corner in a few minutes. We didn’t have to wait long, exactly few minutes later he arrived.

Many other stories are coming to my mind now with not very pleasant situations. But that was my childhood, when I became teenager I have managed to a little shut down to most of the visions and messages. They were still coming back but quitter.

Turning point was when my beloved Grandma and my father left this world. It devastated me, I had to heal myself in a big style to be able to look after my daughter. I had to be strong and I was. Since then I constantly work to develop my abilities to help others on their healing path.

Till September 2015 I was not seeing them as a gifts but curse and I was pushing it away whenever came in my adult life. With help of amazing Mayan Medicine Woman- Kelvara, I’ve realised that this is not a curse, this is a gift. The Gift of being able to help others.

Here I am… accepting and welcoming my gifts now I am able to help you more with your healing process.

Recognizing unresolved events from the past/ future can help to release and heal them healing our present at the same time.

I work with Divine Energy of crystals, crystal skulls, spheres and plant medicine to help to connect with the spirit world but most of the times it is just my intuition which is guiding me to the situation that need to be healed.

Channelling can be done in person, which is 2h session supported with energy healing session or remotely. If you prefer a distant session or you are just not able to visit me, then is the same procedure. I will connect with you first for a chat and send you detailed report with the information I’ve received which will help you to resolve certain issue, problem or trauma.



Not always is possible to connect with the spirit world and get the answers we are awaiting for.

Not every person will co-operate with me.

Not always is the right moment to bring up certain events.

I will only work with you if I have your full permission and only if I feel you could benefit from my session.

I usually feel when moment is right to bring up things for them to be safely healed but sometimes there can be a big opening in you, which may bring unwanted memories up. Please let me know immediately and be totally honest with me, as this is the only way we can work together.

I will always do as much as I can to smoothly and safely help with your healing journey and for your highest good.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessings with Love and Gratitude


Intuitive Channellings with ea Bee Kahuila
Agnihotra Ceremony with Crystal Skulls,