BEe Your Medicine Workshops

with Bea Bee Kahuila

BEe Your Medicine Gate1:

Breathe in Life with Gratitude, Breathe out Trash

DATE: to be confirmed

Working with element of Air you will be able to overcome old patterns, destructive habits  and you will learn to let them go with ease, making space for New Life to come to you.

You will have chance to learn powerful breathing techniques,experience Sound Healing Meditation. Also you will have fantastic opportunity to break through your limiting beliefs with Arrow Breaking Ritual from Fiji. You will have chance to free yourself from all that doesn't serve you any more and welcome New Beginnings with Gratitude creating Vision Board for your Dream Future.

with Bea Bee Kahuila

BEe Your Medicine Gate 4:

Purify Your Body & Set Your Soul on Fire

DATE: to be confirmed

We will be working with element of FIRE during evening Firewalking Ceremony. You will have a chance to let go of old attachments and old limiting beliefs, waking up your true potential, your true passion, your true heart desires.

It will bring purification, transformation and inspiration for your body, mind & spirit. This Sacred Ritual practiced by millennia will help you to overcome your deepest fears, will burn what doesn't serve you any more, restore and rejuvenate your body on all levels.

with Bea Bee Kahuila

BEe Your Medicine Gate 2: 

Heal Your Waters with Forgiveness & Go with Flow

DATE:to be confirmed

Working with Element of WATER you will be able to heal your feelings emotions, learn how to control them, open you up to trust, self- esteem, self-care and self- love. 

You will have chance to learn how to clear your mind, focus your energy and be present in the 'NOW' moment with Glasswalking Ceremony and HAKALAU- Expanding Awareness Technique, You will have great opportunity to forgive yourself and others with powerful Ho'oponopono- Hawaiian Forgiveness technique and Mirror-Mirror exercises. 

We will also do Water blessings ceremony for your drinking water and for the all waters surrounding us.

with Bea Bee Kahuila

BEe Your Medicine Wheel:

Create Healing & Magic Within You & Around You

DATE: to be confirmed

In this one day workshop you will learn how to create Healing Medicine Wheel based on Sun Bear Medicine Wheel. This workshop will give you tools not only to heal yourself but how to create Sacred Space around you and also how to create Medicine Wheel for larger projects as Planetary Healing.

with Bea Bee Kahuila

BEe Your Medicine Gate 3:

Nurture Your Mind & Body with gifts from Gaia

DATE: to be confirmed

Mother Earth, Gaia, it's a Sacred Nutrition for our Body, Mind & Spirit.

Join us for this one day workshop and learn how to connect with wisdom and crystalline energy of Grandmothers- crystals & stones that are millions of years old.

During the workshop we will have three powerful meditations:

1. Connecting with Crystalline energy of crystals

2. Meeting your Spirit Animal during Shamanic Journey with Shamanic Drums.

3. Connecting with Plant Wisdom during Sacred Cacao Ceremony

There will be introduction how to create Sacred Space around your home using crystals & plants.

with Bea Bee Kahuila

BEe Your Medicine RETREAT:

3 days Intense Healing Event

DATE: to be confirmed

Join us for 3 days intense healing retreat with Sacred Elements. This is the Journey within yourself, to discover the deepest parts of you. Only within your shadows you can meet your own light and bringing it to the surface. This is your Journey to self-realisation of who you truly are. Your authentic self, empowered and unstoppable. This is your opportunity to take your power back and create the life you were always dreaming of.



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