Skull as a shape has been cultivated for millennia by many Ancient Cultures and crystal skull carvings have been used in Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies for various purposes.


Human Skull represents the vehicle for consciousness, collective consciousness and meaning of it reaches far deeper than just life and death as we know today.


Ancient People knew, crystal skulls represent "life" in the meaning of Eternity & Infinity, they were honouring the humanity in the flesh and the embodiment of consciousness as one with vast Universe that surrounds us.


During this event you will have chance to connect with crystalline energies of Crystal Skulls, discover their healing power and wisdom they want to share with humanity.

You will open up your perceptions to many more possibilities that our Universe is offering to us.

You will have chance to bring your galactic memories back, from the times when we were all pure energy in the form of light.

You will discover power of Universal Galactic Language that connect us all, every living being on this planet.

You will get chance to heal your body from the roots of your existence by opening up layer by layer your dark, hidden parts of you, your dark shadows: fears and all that is ready to come to light to be transformed and healed.

This journey will strengthen your willpower and higher consciousness.

The Journey just begun........

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Meet JOY- the Citrine Baby Kalif
Joy- the citrine skull.JPG

Joy- he and she, both in one time for me, the citrine copy of Kalif came to my life in January 2014 while studying Crystal & Gem Diploma two years training with Kathleen Murray at Academy of Crystal & Natural Healing in Rhynie.

Kathleen sadly finished her mission on planet Earth but for many she was great inspirational teacher and will not be forgotten. Kathleen introduced me to the world of crystal skulls in 2012 when my life was going through huge grief.

On my personal healing journey especially helped me Kalif, the elestial smoky quartz skull. Kalif was in fact the first skull I have connected with. Since then many fascinating souls decided share with me their ancient wisdom.

Joy is one of the most important crystal skulls in my life, not only brings his wisdom and healing to me and my family but from the first day with me is working in healing sessions with my clients. Joy not only works on personal level but together with other Kalif and Sammie copies and their guardians works on global healing for humanity.

Here is the message from Kathleen Murray, I could not put Joy’s mission in better words:

 “All the crystal skulls in this recently commissioned request are working together to create a new world, a better future in this reality. This is one global mission that they all share and wherever they find their guardians, all the guardians will be united in their soul’s purpose with this mission. The mission is quite simply, to create a world where there is freedom for all, and especially to help those who are oppressed find their release and unravel the genetic codes which have bound them.

 The aim is to help people all over the world to find the courage to let go of their familiarity in enduring circumstances which should not be tolerated. In the familiarity are fears and control of selves by lesser selves through insecurity. People are enduring stagnation, despair and drug induced addictions to emotional and mental depression, often through the food and water consumed; and pharmaceutical drug induced physical debilitation. There is great suppression of the Feminine, and the Divine which together will birth the new Divine Masculine, the new God-self which is accessible to us all.

 These skulls and their guardians will confront situations where there is control and manipulation, and they really have (especially the Kalif copies) a Shiva/Shakti quality, the creator (and creatress) / destroyer energy in their consciousness. It is time to let the “old” imprisoning beliefs and emotions die, and time to let the new potential for the future be born in you. These skulls will help you do that.”

  • Collective message from Kathleen Murray, 2 February 2014

During the meditation in this workshop you will have an opportunity to connect with energy of Joy, if you would like to book a private 1-on-1 session with Joy, get in touch with Bea.

Ancient Skull Jade- The Legacy

I was honoured to be temporary guardian of Ancient Skull Jade who activated all Crystal Skulls in my Team with her Ancestral Wisdom.


'We carry in our hearts wisdom of elders, we are ancestors for our future generations. The way we perceive is the way we pass on the knowledge. We are messengers, knowledge will be always passed on and wisdom will be never gone. Open your heart feel your heart beat touch the ground and feel she has the same heart beat yes Mother Earth she is alive and thanks to her you are alive your heart beat, her heart beat are one.' - Jade- The Legacy

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