This is second part of Lemurian Training.

In LEVEL 2 there are new concepts to explore or integrate further if you are already aware of them.

 This level is for practitioners who successfully completed level 1 of Crystal Keys.

New techniques are taught to expand your perception and creativity with your Crystal Keys Crystals.

You will receive Lemurian attunement during the meditation and shamanic journeys.

This course is recommended to  attend in person but is also available online as a home study training for people who can't travel.

After completing this course in person, you will get Crystal Keys Level 2- Lemurian Healing Wisdom CERTIFICATE.

After completing it online and presenting case studies you will receive Crystal Keys certificate level 2.

A full manual and lunch is included for participants in person, electronic version of manuals for online students.

If you study online and would like to receive paper copy of manuals, it will be additional charge of £25 plus postage.

Investment/ Energy Exchange: £450 in person/ £190 online   


Lemurian Initiation will be during guided meditation and channelling where you will have opportunity to meet and connect with your Lemurian self. Were you a guardian of the Lemurian temples, a Dreamer, a   Magician, a Seer, Crystal Dancer, Crystal Singer, Priest/ Priestesses or Medicine Person? If you are attracted to Lemuria or crystals,  it is likely that you have lemurian self in you, who has wisdom to share with you; to   bring into your life now, not just in words, but as a presence. Lemurian Initiation will help to bring your memories back, expand your sense of self, into more wholeness. The  integration of your new resonance will help you change your life. It will  take  you into the space for deep healing and once you carry that medicine for yourself, you can help others on their journey to empowerment.

Learning Crystal Keys is a great starting point for experiencing and working with healing energy of crystals and an excellent method for understanding universal energy flow. It complements other healing methods and spiritual practices.

Online students will receive audio recordings with guided meditation.

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two dolphins in mystical dreamy land wit

In Lemuria, there was harmony with all of Nature, honour and respect for all living beings. In the larger cycles of Galactic energy, the time is now for us to take back our power and live in a conscious, caring and loving way. That will change the future for all of humanity and our beloved Mother Earth. Humanity is waiting to discover itself, to wake up to it's true potential and to be free from limitations and restrictions which have been accepted in the past, passively and actively. There can be very good reasons why we have forgotten who we are, especially the power of our love and the ability we have to transform our fears.

‘In Lemuria, which is only a vibration away in our wonderful holographic perception, we are the Earth guardians; we have many different forms before we took human form. We can discover ourselves as “mythical” creatures like dragons and unicorns. By “remembering” or reawakening our Lemurian potential we are closer to the truth of who we are (whatever that means to us as multi-dimensional beings). This awakening is a deep soul call that enriches our life now. It gives us access to our greater potential, healing our genetic code and to all the power of manifestation through our hearts. As Lemurians we believe in freedom for all sentient beings, freedom to be loved and to be in Love. The Lemurian ideals, which have been held by many reincarnated Lemurians in cultures like the Egyptians, Tibetans, Mayans, Hawaiians and North American Indians to name a few; are about finding a peaceful way out of every situation, there is no need for conflict, on whatever scale. We are all connected in Oneness, as human beings, as a species on Earth with other species, and with the consciousness of Gaia. Everything we do to another is what we do to ourselves. All can be seen and recognized for what it is and brought into wholeness in us, this is our journey of empowerment with LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS.’


Let us remember and share our Lemurian Healing Wisdom together!


– In memory & honour of Great Lemurian Soul- Kathleen Murray


* What are Crystal Keys? What is Crystal Keys?

* Learning to clear and using energy with the power of our hearts

* Multidimensional Healing Awareness

* Fractal Consciousness

* Our work of Divine Service

* Mayan Wisdom & Tzolkin Calendar

* Hawaiian Wisdom

* Sacred Elements

* Sacred Geometry

* Elestial Quartz Crystals

* Sceptre Quartz Crystals

* Lemurian Crystal Temples

* Activating our Lemurian Light Bodies

* Resonant Healing Techniques

* Learning to use your Crystal Keys Crystals with a higher Level of perception

If you are already practicing different modalities of healing,then Crystal Keys can be a foundation for your healing practices. Once you have set up the crystals, you are free to express your love and care in any way you know. If you are a beginner,you can develop your intuition and sensing during the healing session, witnessing the crystals working.

If you are attending in person, you are given time to experience giving and receiving a Crystal Keys healing session.

If you are taking the online course, then you can practice on yourself, or a friend, or a family member to begin with.

If you have any queries when doing the online course, you are welcome to email me, and if needed have a chat on the phone/ whatsApp.

When you take in person course, you will receive hard copy of manuals and have access to it online.

When you take online course, you will only receive electronic version of manuals. Hard copy  on request with additional charge of £25 to cover preparation and printing materials.

If attending the three days workshop, the Healer will be given a certificate to practice.

If you are taking online course, please contact me once you complete your home study modules and feel confident in practicing healing sessions,  and can demonstrate your understanding, through email, phone. Then I will send you Crystal Keys Level 2 certificate.

Students are encouraged to repeat each level as many times as they like, to be able to integrate the information and benefit from more healing experiences. The exchange for repeating Crystal Keys workshop in person is a contribution to lunches and refreshments, and is possible as long as there is a space in the venue. If you have participated in a Crystal Keys workshop in previous years, and the course fee has been updated, or you took online course and now want to join in person, then please offer the difference in the course as an honourable gesture for what you will receive. 

If you have any questions regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to  welcome you in the world of Lemuria, healing and magic.

Blessings with love and gratitude

Bea Bee Kahuila