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My story- Bea

I see you! I am you, you are me! That's a mirror of truth!

I'm Beatrice, my passion and mission in this lifetime is to bring positive impact to our Planet.

To make this world a better place, we need to respect Mother Earth, our home,  respect and honour life as the most beautiful gift- the gift of creation, to have respect for all that exists.

We are all in this, we are all connected! We together can create beautiful world and the first step to it is healing self. I learn and practice every day how to heal and love myself truly and unconditionally, to become better version of me, to honour and respect our Elders and our Sacred Land.


My dream, my vision is to share this knowledge and wisdom with everyone I meet on my path. To bring back memories of the times once on Earth where we were all ONE! Memories from the Land called MU- our MOTHERLAND.

Fear, pain, grief, sorrow, shame, guilt and neglect were once my teachers. Enemies in fact, having a job to disconnect me for a while from who I really was, to disconnect me from my heart. 


I am forever grateful for courage and strength given to me by my beloved Grandmother but most important for  faith and believe in my heart to overcome those self- destructive emotions and patterns.

On my path to self- healing, fascinated by Ancient Wisdom, vision of New World came to me. New World, New Era that brings beginning to great shift and healing for humanity.


THE GATES OF MU- Vibrational Healing Wisdom was born from my burning passion to Ancient Wisdom, on the very special day 21st December 2012, The day then the Mayan calendar reached the end of the wheel, completes its current “Great Cycle” of the long count on the 13th baktun. It didn’t mean end of the world as many of us feared but end of old patterns. People are awakening to the higher consciousness, there are more and more positive movements in shifting energy.

Of course we can’t heal ourselves and our Mother Earth in one day if we were destroying ourselves and our planet for centuries. But we can take small steps today and begin our healing process.


Living our life filled with Love and Gratitude to every living organism and our amazing Mother Earth, Grandmother Water, Father Air and Grandfather Fire.

We are here to help you to find the true within yourself, to help you rediscover the Divinity within yourself, reconnect with Nature and assist you with your healing process.

We believe that we all are Divine Beings including smallest creatures and plants on this Planet and we all deserve to be Free, to Love and to be Loved.

We all carry this wonderful medicine within us, but sometimes we are forgetting that we are worthy enough to be happy and healthy. We all have ability to heal our body, reconnect with our true selves and find our life purpose to create the life we dream of.  

We are the Earth Guardians and our mission is to create New Lemuria on Planet Earth, to reawaken our potential of who we truly are and to promote Peace and Harmony.

With our passion to life we are here to serve the humanity and Mother Earth with Joy, Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness.

Lemuria or Mu it’s not just a name, in fact it’s our Mother Land and we have to remember that we are all connected in Oneness, as human beings, as a species on Earth with other species and with the consciousness of Mother Earth. There are many beautiful legends about Lemuria, the time on Earth when we were living in harmony with the nature, there was no need for conflict. Lemurian ideals are honour, respect, forgiveness, honestly, gratitude and living in Love.

We respect and honour our ancestors as they were reincarnated Lemurians, in our work we promote Ancient Cultures like Mayans, Tibetans, Hawaiians, North Americans and also great cultures from Japan and China.


Jaguar ( Ix- for Mayan people) is my birth sign. 

I've been guided by Jaguar powers all my life, only began to recognise them in 2012.

Studying several natural healing modalities, finally came to the point who I am and what I am capable of. Healing sessions with me will help you if you are looking for peace in your life, if you no longer need to live in chaos. If you see the clutter in your life and being ready to remove it. When you are ready to come out of your darnkess and step into the light without fear. When you are ready to forgive, accept, love and empower yourself. If you are ready to welcome new, unknown.  TO HEAL YOUR SOUL, TO MEET YOUR TRUE SELF AND TO FALL IN LOVE WITH WHO YOU ARE!

To see more than others see, to be you and to be unique!

Jaguar represents renewing force, is the animal of West, he renews and transforms the life of the rain forest. Jaguar stands for sudden transformation, life & death.

''... When we get sick we have an opportunity not only to regain our health but to make quantum leap to an even greater level of wellness. Healing is a method not only for eliminating symptoms but for achieving increasingly higher states of health. I have worked with clients in their sixties and seventies who tell me that they have never felt better in their lives. This is the energy of Jaguar. A stable system does not change easily. People generally change not when things are going right but when things are going wrong. Crisis therefore becomes a time of opportunity. We can transform our bodies so that they heal more rapidly and age more elegantly by embodying the forces represented by Jaguar..........

.......Jungle people also revere jaguar because it can transform heavy energies within the Luminous Energy Field. Legends says that when jaguar enters a ceremony, it devours the negative emotions of anger, fear, and grief. Jaguar is a spiritual cleanup crew, transforming thick, heavy energies into light. As the protector of all life, jaguar safeguards the ceremonial space against any negative energies that could penetrate your healing circle..........''

-Alberto Villoldo ''Shaman, Healer, Sage''


Peacock has been following my life since I remember and I feel very deep connection to this majestic bird. As a child, being fascinated not only by beauty of peacock’s colourful feathers but every time peacock appeared to me there has been important event or big changes waiting in the corner for me. Not understanding fully what peacock meaning was, every time it came to me I knew it that everything will be fine and that I am protected. Peacock was bringing warmth in my heart, peace, trust and security. I always had a peacock feather in my room and wherever I saw it, I had to stop and take a moment for reflection saying thanks for its presence in my life.


Year 2011 was very dynamic in my life, dynamic in meaning of changing my life completely, sad events came my way, bringing new directions and new meaning for my life. That was the moment of my first visions about peacock, peacock who was also a fire bird- Phoenix. I began to put more close attention to what messages it wants to share with me. Since that day Peacock often was in my dreams, meditations and I’ve often seen it driving or visiting certain places. My Mr Peacock was letting me know that I am ready to leave my old interests behind and start new life, it was like being new born, like coming out from ashes and learning new skills, like a baby learns to discover new world. I was ready to welcome new teachers who came my way that time and I am very grateful I was able to meet them and that they have shared their knowledge with me. 


Now I am fully aware of the healing powers and great potential of this majestic bird and I know that in my work, my therapies and workshops Peacock takes a central place. I am honoured to be able to work with such a powerful spirit.


Healing Power of Peacock has been used for many centuries and in many Ancient Cultures. In Egypt Peacock is associated with the God Ra- the God of Sun. In China the colours of Peacock feather is an emblem of rank and high status. I Greek mythology Peacock is companion for Hera and Juno. In Buddhism Peacock means expansive consciousness. In Christianity Peacock symbolizes eyes of church/ God watching over the faithful, immorality and resurrection.


Truly beautiful path to follow for life.

Hawaiian teachings crossed my path in 2012, the time when FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE and LOVE lead me to deeper understanding of life and my higher- self.

Ho'oponopono teachings in simplest form is:

I am sorry

Please, forgive me

I Love you

Thank you

So simple, yet extremely powerful prayer that changes your life.

 Huna is a Hawaiian Energy Healing from the Ancient Times.

Huna means Secret.

Originally Huna was called Ho’omana, where Ho’o means make and Mana its Life Force Energy. Together Ho’omana means EMPOWEREMENT or TO EMPOWER.

Today Huna it’s about empowerment, increasing energy, spirituality and healing power. Connecting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with the Higher Power to bring into your life whatever your heart truly desire. 

Practiced by Hawaiian Shamans- Kahuna since Ancient times.

Native Hawaiian people dance to the sound of the heart desires, they are deeply connected to their inner fire.

Fire for them is sacred, it represents Spirit, Life and Creation.


“Universal Life Force- the energy which flows through us and around us”

REIKI is a natural energy healing therapy based on ancient vibrational medicine, which is believed to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. Reiki as we know today has been rediscovered by Japanese Buddhist Dr Mikao Usui in early 1900’s through his study of Old Sanskrit writings and meditation experiences on Mount Kori- Yama. Dr Usui developed Reiki concepts and techniques, he spend his life-time practicing in Japan and initiating others so that knowledge would not be lost again. The main focus of this healing method was to help people realize their spiritual potential, to find peace and harmony within themselves.

Today Reiki is a simple yet powerful hands on method of spiritual healing and self- development that everyone can use and learn to bring life to balance and restore wellbeing.

The word REIKI (pronounced RAY-KEY) comes from two Japanese words:

“REI”- Spirit, Soul, Divine, Higher Power, God’s Wisdom

“KI”- Vital Energy, Breath of Life, Consciousness, Life Force Energy, life force present in all living things


.This unseen Universal Life Force Energy flows through us and keep us alive. If our “life force energy” is low, we are more likely to become ill, tired or depressed, if it’s high, we are more capable of being healthy, happy and relaxed.

This energy vitalizes us and connects us with everything in the Universe.


"That mysterious vital energy within the mind: One moment it arrives, the next it departs. So fine, there is nothing within it; so vast, there is nothing outside it. We lose it because of the harm caused by mental agitation." - Neiye "Inward Training" section of the Guanzi

Reiki is non- religious and everyone can receive treatment or attunement.

Learning Reiki is a great starting point for experiencing and working with healing energy and an excellent method for understanding universal energy flow. Reiki complements other healing methods and spiritual practices.

Reiki is a wonderful gentle energy that anyone can gain access to it. Once learned will be with you for life.

“Once you open to it there will be no stopping you from making improvements in your life.”

Reiki is also a great starting point on your spiritual path and growth. 

I'm Reiki Master/ Teacher, I use the Usui/Tibetan attunement system developed by William Lee Rand, which teaches Reiki in the traditional Usui forms to Master Teacher level, and uses a different attunement system at Advanced Master Teacher level, incorporating additional symbols that are rooted in Tibetan Buddhism.


If you are interested in learning Reiki, get in touch with me.


Inspired by Masaru Emoto work, I began to see water as living organism, as unlimited consciousness....


I am amazed how complex is human body and with it's ability to heal itself.

I've studied advanced Reflexology which is beautiful relaxing treatment I can offer to my clients.

Reflexology is more than foot massage, it is whole body treatment, from feet, hands, face and other energy points on our body. 

Reflexology is a holistic therapy, works on the body as a whole rather than parts and a client is treated as an individual. It is a completely safe form of therapy which is balancing the whole body bringing pleasant and relaxing experience. In reflexology pressure is applied to the feet or hands, where the reflex points are found. Each point correspond to the specific organ, gland, skeletal and muscular system in the body. It works on a similar principle to acupuncture but is non-invasive. Instead of using needles, pressure is applied through the fingers to the points on feet or hand. Reflexologist working on the reflex areas treat diseases and imbalances in the parts of the body related to the reflex points. Reflexology frees the energy flow through the channels- meridians and unblock them. When the energy flows free body comes back to the balance, health and overall well-being. By working on/ pressing the reflex points vitality is increased, pain relieved and well-being increased. Reflexology helps the body to heal itself, restore the energy flow, improve the blood supply and flush out the toxins.


Temascala, Pre-Hispanic Sweat Lodges and Toltec Training with Kelvara Corazoncali helped me to understant that the only path to true healing and wisdom is to discover authentic self.............



It's been few years since my Firewalking Instructor Training with Ona at Tir na Nog, truly magnificent and life changing experience. Working with Fire Energy is one of the most powerful ways to get rid of what doesn't serve us any more and wake up our true passions. I invite you to work with fire energy if you are serious about your personal growth and fulfilment.


om soul pet

holistic health for animals

Since I remember, I was able to 'talk' to animals and with support from my beloved grandma, those qualities stayed alive in me. I was growing up in the countryside surrounded by pets, farm animals and wild animals, many of them were my best friends. Many of them helped me, I helped many and too big number of them I have lost. They were always my greatest teachers of all, from small spiders to big horses and cows. In my high school I was studying Biology- Chemistry faculty, thinking of becoming a doctor, to realise I am not good with facing the blood. I went a long way since then, experiencing many different directions and aspects of life to finally realising- animals are my life!

On this road to self- discovery and healing my connection with the Nature, love and compassion to all living organisms was growing stronger in power.

At first I became holistic therapist and for the past 6 years, helping mostly people, to wake up one day knowing that my mission on this Planet is not only to help humans, but mostly animals.

Now with my background in Energy Healing: Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Reflexology I can help both, people and their furry friends.

This is my passion and love, my heart is singing when I see a happy pet, but also is crying when I see so many of animals suffering. 

My mission is to help millions of living creatures, including humans too. We people need to learn how to listen our pets needs, we need to learn how to respect them and honour their presence in our lives. They are here for us, to heal us and to teach how to love, love unconditionally! They are masters in that!!!


Many ancient civilisations and modern cultures have been using sound for healing and for accessing higher levels of consciousness. Sound is sacred, Sound travels through space and entering our body, connects us with invisible spirit world.... 



Mushrooms are my dream life, mushrooms are my hobby, I can never get tired of them because I can never find exactly the same one. They are my teachers and my medicine, I am honoured to learn from them and learning has no end. I don't think there is a person on this planet who saw, touched, discovered all the species in person. 

Fungi are responsible for life on our Planet as we know now.

They are the earliest form of life diverged from other life around 1.5 billion years ago.

Fungi form the sister group to the animals and they should not be classified  as vegetables.

The subject is huge and , too huge for one individual human being to discover and understand them all.

With gratitude and humble heart I am always student in that area.

Wast Kingdom of Fungi world fascinated me since early childhood.  My beloved grandma introduced me to the world of mushrooms when I was 4 years old (nearly 36 years ago), since then every year I've been foraging wild mushrooms. I never thought of sharing what I was doing, for me it was obvious that everyone does it too. Turns out that many people still are not aware of the powerful healing medicine as mushrooms are. Our society injected in us fear of wild mushrooms, it was done for reason, no time to dwell on that.....

Now is the time for us, people to recognize Fungi as living medicine, that's what they are.

Foraging mushrooms not only gives you opportunity to spend time in the Nature,  not only provides you with free food but most importantly consuming mushrooms brings you many health benefits.

In my opinion all mushrooms are medicinal.

And as someone joked: all are edible, but some only once.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to know what type of mushrooms are you consuming. Don't take anyone world for proper identification. It is 100% your responsibility to do your own research before consuming any type of wild harvested mushrooms.


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