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Assisted by Peacock Wisdom

Peacock has been following my life since I remember and I feel very deep connection to this majestic bird.

As a child, being fascinated not only by beauty of peacock’s colourful feathers but every time peacock appeared to me, there has been important event or big changes waiting in the corner for me.

Not understanding fully what peacock meaning was, every time it came to me, I knew that everything will be fine and that I am protected.


Peacock was bringing warmth in my heart, peace, trust and security.


I always had a peacock feather in my room and wherever I saw it, I had to stop and take a moment for reflection saying thanks for its presence in my life.


Year 2011 was very dynamic in my life, dynamic in meaning of changing my life completely. 

Sad events came my way, bringing new directions and new meaning for my life.


That was the moment of my first visions about peacock, peacock who was also a fire bird- Phoenix.

I began to put more close attention to what messages it wants to share with me.


Since that day Peacock often was in my dreams, meditations and I’ve often seen it while driving or visiting certain places.


My Mr Peacock was letting me know that I am ready to leave my old interests behind and start new life, it was like being newborn, like coming out from ashes and learning new skills, like a baby learns to discover new world.


I was ready to welcome new teachers who came my way that time and I am very grateful I was able to meet them and that they have shared their knowledge with me. 


Now I am fully aware of the healing powers and great potential of this majestic bird and I know that in my work, my therapies and workshops Peacock takes a central place, not only helping me but my clients are benefiting from Peacock Energy and Wisdom.


I am honoured to be guided by and work with such a powerful spirit animal.


Healing Power of Peacock has been used for many centuries and in many Ancient Cultures.


In Egypt Peacock is associated with the God Ra- the God of Sun.


In China the colours of Peacock feather is an emblem of rank and high status.


In Greek mythology Peacock is companion for Hera and Juno.


In Buddhism Peacock means expansive consciousness.


In Christianity Peacock symbolizes eyes of church/ God watching over the faithful, immortality and resurrection.




Blessings with Love & Gratitude


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