Today is the day...

Today our website got new look and new fresh energy. As a gift for our 5th Anniversary that will be on 21st December 2017, fife years ago the Gates of Mu- Vibrational Healing Wisdom was born. I take time for reflection to

put together all my thoughts, all my projects.... all in one place. Being inspired by the Mother Nature as usual, my family (daughter, partner for life, my mum and Cleo the Newfie), my amazing clients and all wonderful people who I meet everyday on my path. Thank you all! Thanks to you I have the power to keep going and keep growing. Life is a journey, journey to self discovery, journey within. Be prepared for good and bad and welcome it with gratitude, all are your teachers. But the most importantly be prepared for the best, the best you can get out of you. Have courage and discipline to stick to it for a little while till it will become a habit. Every day will give you more strength and new inspirations, and of course moments of weakness will come. Welcome them, make them small, make them weak! You are strong enough to overcome your demons. I believe in you. Because I believe in me!