What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy?

Energy is an invisible force that creates every matter in the Universe. Everything what we see or touch it's born from energy that surround us. Every living organism, human, animal, plant, soil or stellar system is born from this energy.


In the early 1900’s Albert Einstein described mass and energy intimate relationship in his famous equation:

E = mc2

In which "E" stands for "energy," "m" denotes "mass" and "c" is the speed of light.

Physics describe the energy as the ability to do work, or the ability to move or create change in matter. In effect, the amount of energy something has refers to its capacity to cause things to happen.

Energy has a few important properties:

  1. Natural or Universal Energy constantly flows and creates the matter. We cannot stop it like mechanical, chemical or electromagnetic energy by cutting the source of it. The Universal energy is a source of our existence and makes us alive!

  2. This Universal Energy is always "conserved", it is like eternal being— it cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred between objects or transformed or converted into other forms.

  3. The Universal Energy it’s like one conscious mind, everything is connected and reacts to each other. We are all connected, we are all like one! Even smallest protons and electrons possess a certain degree of awareness of the environment ‘’kind of intelligence, a conscious mind’’. Quantum physicists proved that emotion, thought and intention can affect and change the energy frequency thus change the matter and heal.

What is Vibrational Energy Healing?

‘’A system of medicine which denies or ignores its existence (spirit) will be incomplete because it leaves out the most fundamental quality of human existence, the spiritual dimension.’’ – Dr. Richard Gerber

Dr. Gerber also states that: ‘’the tissues that compose our physical form are fed not only by oxygen, glucose, and chemical nutrients, but also by higher vibrational energies which endow the physical form with the properties of life and creative expression.’’

Our body is a very complex multidimensional organism, it consist not only of physical body but also mental and emotional (our subtle energetic system).

Our organism is in total health when both physical and subtle bodies together with the forces of the Mother Nature are in balance.

Ancient schools of healing through the world recognised our body as multidimensional organism centuries ago. They described acupuncture meridians, chakras, nadis, auras and other higher systems as part of our being through which the life force energy flows.

If the life force flow easily, we are more likely to have healthy body. If the life force energy meets blockages in the systems we are more likely to have unbalanced life and easier manifest dis-ease. Dis-ease on the physical body is becoming visible when our mental, emotional and subtle bodies cannot cope any longer with the problem. And of course this is more complex than we think. Sometimes we are not aware that certain dis-eases we carry in our DNA throughout generations or past life.

Conventional medicine heal at the surface of the physical level.

Vibrational Energy heals from roots of dis-ease and deeper distortions of our light body. Healing at the energy level you do not only heal physical body, but mind and spirit too. Energy healing techniques target the deepest energetic structures of our body and sometimes the visible effects on physical body can take longer. Herbs and plant medicine together with crystals and sound are vibrating at certain frequencies that support the energy therapy and healing of the body from inside out can often be fasten.


Every human being, every animal, every plant, every living thing has physical body and subtle body co-existing together. Subtle body is an energy field that is emanating from us, vibrating and surrounding us and it is called AURA. An aura is described as a light emitting from the body, or force field, or universal energy field or Life Force Energy. In other words, an aura is an esoteric body composed of material energy.

The auric body has many planes, some of them vibrate at high frequency (responsive to our spiritual needs) and some of them vibrate at low frequency (responsible for our material needs). The job of the lower frequency layers is to convert spiritual mana into physical matter and the job of the higher frequency layers is to transmute physical matter into spiritual.

An aura has four main functions:

  • Predictive- ability to pick up on possible problems or opportunities

  • Adaptive- we are able to see what affects us, we can make decision how to change it and fit in.

  • Responsive- is locating and addressing diseases, mental problems, and family and relationship issues.

  • Protective- gives us ability to learn how to better take care of ourselves.

The auric field, an energy field, or just aura comprises of many units, called auric layers, which interlace with the chakras, energy points and the physical body itself. Understanding each of these layers can assist us in living the lives we want to live, healthy life.

Very often before disease manifests in the physical body distorted vibrations are present for some time in the subtle body. Energy Healing Sessions aim to restore the vibrations to the natural state of harmony by balancing the flow of Qi through the body and removing any blockages within the body. If we restore the harmony in the subtle body, the healing of the physical body will follow.

The existence of auric field is proven using advanced technology- Kirlian Photography.

Russian electronics engineer Semyon Kirlian produces photographs of energy fields using high frequency electrical currents instead of light.

With his photographs he gives evidence that the subtle energy surrounds everything from animals, plants, rocks, food and humans. The auras reflect the subject’s general well- being, as health fluctuates, their colours and brightness change. For example healthy leaf has vivid aura around them and diseased leaf has very weak aura.

It is very helpful for therapists to see aura around the client as this can aid the treatment. Seeing colours of the aura that emanate from the client shows us his physical and emotional state. We can understand what kind of messages their body is sending out, which part of body is out of balance, etc. This is extremely valuable for us as therapists as when we see auric field we can quicker restore it and bring it to balance. We can advise our clients what colours may help them to balance their energy field, what food to eat, as colour of the food is important too.


Vibrational Energy Healing is absolutely natural form of therapy. It is based on Ancient Healing Wisdom and practiced for thousands of years all around the world.

Benefits of Energy Therapy are vast as the healing is reaching roots of the dis-ease that often lies in our light body, thus healing the symptoms that are manifested on the mental, emotional or physical level. By transmuting and transforming our energetic field we can heal distortions. Please remember, energy therapy touches the parts of ourselves that need to be healed in exact moment. And with the techniques I am using in my energy healing session I will help you to open up and assist you in your own healing process.

Benefits of Energy Therapy:

  • Energy Therapy will bring your life force energy into balance and your own natural healing abilities will be restored.

  • Your immune system will be stronger.

  • Energy blocks will be removed from energy channels like chakras and meridians and they will return into balance.

  • Energy Therapy will bring you feeling of deep relaxation which speed up process of releasing tension and stress.

  • Stronger and balanced organism can remove toxins and waste products itself with ease.

  • Can help to reduce chronic pain and other chronic problems.

  • Reduces and balances high blood pressure.

  • Brings positive mind, positive thoughts and positive attitude.

  • Brings clarity of the mind and peace.

  • Moods are improved, joy and happiness is increased.

  • Your overall vibrational frequencies are raised and you gain more vital energy to deal with daily duties.

  • Balances hormones level in the body.

  • Improve sleeping patterns.

  • Helps to recover after drug therapy.

  • Helps with spiritual growth.

  • Helps us to connect with the energies of the Nature, the whole Universe and deep parts of ourselves. Wakes up connection with our spirit and bring us closer to understand of who we truly are.

  • It is opening us to love, to love to others, love to ourselves and universal unconditional love to everything that exists.

  • Helps us to understand that we are all Divine beings, we are all connected with this vast energy that surrounds us, gives life to us and can heal us. May the Journey of your healing be filled with love and light.

Who can benefit from Energy Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from Energy Therapy as this is totally non- invasive natural method that connects us with our natural life forces.

In order to heal, the person need to make a choice what he/she want to be healed, which is sometimes not easy and not simple as may look from outside.

There are cases when soul mission is different than our willingness to heal but in most cases decision to be healed and positive intention is a great starting point on our journey to health and happiness.

  • Energy healing is safe and recommended for people of any age, elders and kids. For mental, emotional and physical conditions

  • Energy healing is a great way to help animals and pets as they naturally very quickly respond to it.

  • It can be used for places, homes, offices, land, water, etc. Places as well as people can pick up negative energy and bring imbalances & illness.

Almost everything and everyone can be healed with energy therapy.

My past experience in healing myself from asthma (I was born with), skin problems- psoriasis, and many other conditions I’ve had manifested in the past plus having a chance to work with many people coming from different cultures and believes systems with various issues gave me the confidence to only deepen my knowledge on this spiritual path, as I have not only believe that Energy therapy works but I have witnessed amazing healing in me and others.

Vibrational Energy Healing can help with:

- Mental, physical and emotional issues

- Addictions: alcohol & drugs (help for whole family)

- Obesity with food

- For weight loss

- Lack of money & insecurity

- Family issues (parents & kids)

- Past traumas, childhood traumas

- Healing pain of loss and grief

- Lack of self- esteem & self- confidence

- Anger and tension

- Stress and depression

- Back pain and arthritis

- Digestive problems

- Skin conditions

- Asthma

- unlock our awareness of our fears, face them, relief and resolve

- It will bring healthy sexuality without guilt, fear and shame

- It will bring self- acceptance and self- love

Simply by clearing ourselves from old believes, habits and fears we come to peace within ourselves.

Strengthening and awakening our energy fields and opening ourselves for Manifestation and Abundance.

It will open your heart and bring awareness of who you truly are - full of Love, Health, Vital Energy, Compassion, Joy and Happiness, Truth, Gratitude and Forgiveness.

What to expect during session?

I believe there are no accidents on this world and everything is happening for a reason.

We all are different and have own unique paths in life but also we all are connected with each other by the Energy of this vast Universe. People who gravitate toward each other vibrate at certain frequencies tend to resonate on the same level. For example someone who is looking for healing will find the person who carry this medicine.

If you have visited this page, for sure there was reason for it. You have found me and for that reason I believe I can help you and assist you with your healing process.

Energy therapy is not something what can be done step by step by the books. First of all, each person is different, plus each person is different in certain moment of time.

All energy healing sessions are about to bring what is needed in exact moment of time to heal what need to be healed in this moment.

Every session is different and each time there is a shift of different types of blockages, old patterns and energies.

I will work on your energy field, using my intuition, crystals, & Reiki while you are on therapy coach.

Please wear comfortable clothing and avoid heavy meals 2-3 hours before the session.

FOR NEW CLIENTS: There is client form to be completed on the first session so please add 15-30 mins to our time.

Contact Bea Bee Kahuila to book healing session.

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