Moon Medicine- working with Moon Cycles

“There are moments when everything comes to end, making space for new things to begin, for new to be born. This is Cycle of the Moon, Cycle of Life, of all that exists. This is the Law, the simplest Law of the Universe, the first Law that Earth responds to, we have no other option but to respond to it too.”

- The Law of the Moon, Bea Bee Kahuila

Being aware of and connected with the Moon Phases can bring lots of benefits and change our life for better. People followed Moon for centuries, first records of it are dated 25 thousands years ago. Our Ancestors knew that observing the Moon is helping them to predict the weather, when plants grow the best and how to work with Mother Earth and changing seasons. Knowing that we are all connected in this vast Universe and that Moon has big impact on everything that is alive on our Planet can help us understand our behaviour, can help us to heal our body and manifest the life we dream of.

All the Water on Earth is regulated by the Moon, so we are. Human body is mainly water, over 70% we are water. Human body respond to Moon energy emotionally, our behaviour and emotions changes depend on the Moon phase. Moon represents feminine yang energies, but my own observations lead me to pay closer attention to my own emotions, other women I know and men. It is very interesting that women on the Full Moon want to be leaders, they are full in powers, when men at the time of the Full Moon are feeling tired and are no looking for conflicts but understanding and support. Full Moon represents feminine yang energies, Goddess energies, Mothers energies, and New Moon masculine yin energies. New Moon for women is a time of going within, for men this is the time when they have a lot of energy and new ideas.

Moon is fascinating and is great idea to connect with her energies to create life we desire to have.

Here is how New and Full Moon energies can help us:

New Moon

New Moon is the beginning of the cycle. It the best time to set up new intentions,