Rose of Jericho- for Luck, Love & Abundance

Rose of Jericho also called Resurrection plant, dinosaur plant, stone flower, and many more.

This plant symbolises PROTECTION, POWER, HAPPINESS and JOY, ABUNDANCE, PEACE, BLESSINGS & prevents negative energies to influence your life and protects the house from the evil spirit. Brings luck in the business and attracts more customers. It has power to draw LOVE and it can be powerful in use with the love spells.

Rose of Jericho it's a symbol of transformation and energy renewal.

Rose of Jericho it's a magical charm, it is not like ordinary rose, it is desert rose witch can survive without water for up to 10 years. Comes from deserts in South America, mostly grown in Mexico.

This plant is very popular as a resurrection plant and it is used in many different rituals and traditions. Called as resurrection plant because has ability to transform from looking like dead brown ball into an open lush and green looking plant, by just adding a little bit of water. This process can be repeated almost endlessly.

This plant makes a great decoration at home and a fantastic gift. It is said to bring a good luck to its owners and usually it is passed from generation to generation.

Prayers and rituals with the Rose of Jericho

Many people seek for this unique plant, because it comes with religious legends, the fact that the Rose of Jericho / Doradilla Flower represents a holy item in many religions and pagan / wiccan rituals, makes it a very popular gift item. The plant, for its amazing ability to transition from a brown, dry ball, into an open, green and lush plant, also called resurrection plant is widely used not only as a gift to Catholic followers, but also by many others. Here you can find some examples in which way the plants can be used in your prayers and rituals.