The Healing Power of Pyramids


Pyramid is one of the most important shapes in Sacred Geometry.

Pyramids are found all around the world, the most known are the three Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and mysterious pyramids in Mexico, but only in Central America there is over 1000 pyramids, over 300 in China and over 100 in Egypt.

What is the purpose of the pyramid?

The Ancient Egyptians believed that pyramids had a power to preserve the body after death and help with the soul returning to the light after death. How far they were developed with their knowledge we can only assume. However, it is scientifically proved that shape of the pyramid generates energy. Pyramid is amplifying, receiving and resonating various kinds of energy fields. The energy entered pyramid goes on equal sides of the walls and at the same time fife angles of pyramid project a beam of radiation towards the centre. Collected energy in the centre forms so called ‘fire in the middle’. Most of positive energy generated in the pyramid is concentrated within and beneath the pyramid, some are coming out through the fife angles. Pyramid creates bio-cosmic energy, life force energy by constant correlation and exchange of energy with our vast Universal energy source, becoming itself a great magnetic field.

Spending time inside the pyramid is beneficial for our vitality and health. It will rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit and help you to connect with you soul, higher realms and other dimensions.

Pyramids are great for meditation and healing, as they will harmonise our energies, bring focus to our mind and help us to become one with our heart, become one with body-mind- spirit, taking away negative energies and filling us with positive ones. Meditating inside the pyramid will bring deep relaxation, focus, health and general well- being. It will bring vivid dreams and past lives memory recalls during journeying within.