Plant Medicine

To touch the Earth is to have harmony with Nature.

-Native American Proverb. Ogala Sioux

Mother Earth is very generous giving us nutrition and food, and also sacred plants which have very powerful healing properties.

Many traditions and cultures all over the Globe use sacred smoke from plant medicine in rituals, ceremonies and prayers for cleansing from negative energies and purifying people, houses and the sacred places.

This is called Smudging in Native America. Smudging rituals cleanse mental, emotional and phisical body and also the spirit. Smudging is a sacred ritual & ceremonial practice used for millenia around the world. Smudging cleanses, rebalances and opens for fresh energy and spirit, so our life flow freely and we can move forward. Stagnant old energy holds our spirits and self back from living the energetic authentic life.

Plants carry their own energy, own medicine. We have many differen