Plant Medicine

To touch the Earth is to have harmony with Nature.

-Native American Proverb. Ogala Sioux

Mother Earth is very generous giving us nutrition and food, and also sacred plants which have very powerful healing properties.

Many traditions and cultures all over the Globe use sacred smoke from plant medicine in rituals, ceremonies and prayers for cleansing from negative energies and purifying people, houses and the sacred places.

This is called Smudging in Native America. Smudging rituals cleanse mental, emotional and phisical body and also the spirit. Smudging is a sacred ritual & ceremonial practice used for millenia around the world. Smudging cleanses, rebalances and opens for fresh energy and spirit, so our life flow freely and we can move forward. Stagnant old energy holds our spirits and self back from living the energetic authentic life.

Plants carry their own energy, own medicine. We have many different plants and herbs which can not only heal us but our homes and the air.

Smudging using plants and herbs brings element of Earth, where Abalone Shell brings element of Water, feather with smoke brings element of Air and finally burning herbs brings element of Fire.

We also need to remember how beneficial for our health is consuming herbs and plants.

I would like to tell a little bit about sacred plants I use in ceremonies and healing sessions for smudging and incense burning: before the session, during and after.

The medicine plants I've found the most beneficial are: Palo Santo Sacred Wood, Frankincense Resin, White Sage Smudge, Yerba Santa Smudge, Sweetgrass, Copal, Cedar and various incense sticks and aromatherapy oils.

And of course Mystic Cacao used in ceremonies which taste gloriously and heals on all levels.

Special place takes here Rose of Jericho, also called Resurection plant. This mysterious plant brings luck, love and abundance to our life.

Some of the plants and herbs are available to purchase directly from our

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Palo Santo (Bulnesia Sarmient) benefits reach far and wide. It has been called magical, mystical, rare, sacred, and unique. This fragrant wood is highly regarded spiritually amongst shamans and healers and has been used in sacred rituals and for purifying and cleansing purposes for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of South America. It is also very popular in Europe. Used in ceremonies against bad energy, banishing evil spirits, clear misfortune. It brings healing energy and good luck.

Palo Santo has uplifting citrus, mint and pine sweet fragrance and if very beneficial when used before meditation as it will raise vibrations and help to achieve deeper connection with the Source. It helps with stomach ache and relieves rheumatism syptoms. Has antidepressant properties, removes sadness, anxiety and is inspiring concentration and creativity. Protects, brings love and good fortune.

Connects with Mother Earth on all levels. Helps the person to be in touch with own inner- self, to be fully aligned with ourselves (body- mind experience) and directs path with Divine. It is a strong medicine, keeps energies grounded and clear.

Drinken as a tea can strenghten immune and nervous system and fasten recovery. Relieve colds, stress, inflammation, emotional trauma and asthma.

The tree belongs to the same family as frankincense, myrrh and copal. Our products are 100% harvested without causing any damage to live trees. We only offer products that have been obtained from naturally fallen trees in the forests of Ecuador.


Frankincense, also called Olibanum is a sweet aromatic resin with scent of pine and lemon obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia (Boswellia sacra) Boswellia Carteri. The Boswellia trees grow in the wild without human intervention and are therefore 100% natural and organic. When the tree wound penetrates through the bark and into the sapwood the tree bleeds resin.

Boswellia is a botanical medicine recognised for its fast acting natural anti-inflammatory properties. It purifies body and strengthen immune system, can help to reduce the symptoms of respiratory issues ( such as asthma) or fever, cough and cold symptoms. It is also antiseptic and disinfectant so helps the body to fight of gems, bacterias and fungus. Frankincense helps to reduce headaches, relaxes muscles and helps with arthritis symptoms. Frankincense stimulates blood circulation, nerves and digestion.

Frankincense incense brings peace and relaxation. Its warm, sweet and balsamic aroma is stimulating and elevating the mind. It helps to improve spiritual connection, visualising and centering. Helps focus the mind and overcome stress and despair. Promotes healing on all levels

Frankincense is harvested from Boswellia trees native to Somaliland and Somalia. Boswellia trees secrete resins which consist of essential oils, gum and terpenoids. Boswellic acids, contained within the terpenoids, are the active constituents within Boswellia.

The wild-crafting or tapping of frankincense trees entails making deliberate incisions in the bark to allow a milky liquid to exude. This viscous oleo-gum resin then hardens on exposure to air into tears or droplets which are easily detached.


Californian White Sage ( Salvia Alpiana) it is North American cousin of Palo Santo. Cleanse and removve negative and harmful energies. It is used before ceremony, ritual or prayer. Used for cleansing homes and sacred bundles carried by people for protection.

Sage is one of the four sacred medicines to the Anishinable people. Ohter three are tobacco, cedar and sweetgrass. It represents West, emotional aspects of our being and adult stage of our life as it is assisting us in that journey. Sage is used to prepare people for ceremonies and teachings. Because is more medicinal and stronger then sweetgrass, it is used more often in ceremonies. It is used for releasing what is troubling the mind and for removing negative energy.

Brings balance, peace and positive energy to life and it is supporting immune system. It also has many other medicinal uses.

Increasingly, doctors, therapists, and body workers are discovering the beneficial aspects of these herbs.

White Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, negative feelings or influences. The leaves are valued for their aromatic properties and are used as a natural moth repellent (in clothing) or mosquitoes (in a room). White Sage can be used in numerous ways. Native Americans of the Plains Nations cover the floor of their sweat lodges with sage. They will also breathe through a small bundle of sage and at times rub the bundle on their bodies while in the sweat lodge. White Sage makes the bad spirits sick, they claim. They go away from it when it is burned. It does not make the good spirits sick. They will not leave when it is smoked. Good spirits like White Sage.


Shasta Sage or Blue Sage comes from the area of Mount Shasta from northern California. It is said that it has a strong yin energy so therefore it would be ideal for orientation and preparation for a meditation or healing ceremony. Mount Shasta is supposed to be one of the seven sacred mountains of the world and is home to many notable hurricanes. Therefore smoke bundle of Shasta Sage are very special. The Smudge or wand are very popular for smudging the body aura or atmosphere for quick cleaning in rooms.


Yerba Santa ( Eriodichtyon tricocalyx).

Yerba Santa in Spanish means 'holy herb' and it was named by missionary priests who were amazed by its healing powers. It is creating a healing sanctuary and protects against psychic toxins. Brings balance, peace and fresh, positive energy to life. Yerba Santa not only creates uplifting scent but it is also ideal to protect and purify both yourself and your environment. Traditionally used as a smudge is neutralising harmful energy and support healing ceremonies. It is considered sacred by Native Americans and Spanish cultures.


Myrrh is a reddish gummy resin from the Commiphora shrub. Cuts are made in the bark of myrrh trees to allow a yellow coloured liquid to escape. As this liquid comes into contact with air, it changes colour to dark brown and hardens to form the myrrh resin which are then scrapped off. The dried resin is hard and brittle with a bitter taste.

Myrrh resins has antiseptic and other medicinal properties and the locals in Somalia, who call it Malmal use it for postnatal care of both mother and child.


Sweet Grass Braids ( Hierochloe odorata), also called Buffalo Grass or Holy Grass Vanilla Grass is used in prayer after cleansing to bring in positive, pure and healing energies. Sweet grass is one of the four medicines considered as a sacred plant by many Tribes in North America. ( the other three are: tobacco, sage and cedar.). Sweet grass represents South and is connected to Mother Earth. It is usually braided, dried and burned. It has a shiny, beautiful side and plain side, which represents youth. When sweet grass is braided, it can't be pulled apart.It is like when your body, mind and spirit are solidly connected, you will be fulfilled and strong in your personal life. It represents our mental body, colour red and Summer.

Sweet grass is considered to be the sacred hair of Mother Earth. Its sweet aroma reminds us of our gentleness, love and kindness she has for people. Has calming effect when used in the healing circles.


Copal ( Bureseru microphylla) is sacred to the Maya, also called 'blood of the trees'. It represents elements of Fire and Water. Traditionally burned as a 'food for the Gods' to protect against sorcery, misfortune and negative energies. It is promoting good health and vital energy.


Cedar ( Libocedrus decurrens) used for puryfying and cleansing. It is like bridge between Earth & Heaven. Aid with peaceful dreams and banishing nightmares. Very powerful to remoe negative energy in life, home and surroundings. It is one of four sacred medicine to the Anishinabe people. It is used in everyday life and in all of sacred ceremonies. Cedar sits in the North of the home. cedar stays always green, sympolising that Mother Earth watches over us and protects us while sleeping in the Winter months. Cedar represents Winter, colour whiter and Eldery stage of life.

It is used to purify home but also has many restorative uses. When mixed with sage for tea, it cleanses body of all infections. Mixed with tobacco and put in the fire it crackles, it brings the attention of the Spirits to the offering that is made. Cedar is used to cover floors in sweat lodges and fasting ceremonies for protection. It is guardian Spirit and chases away the bad spirits.


Pine Tree (Pinus silvestris) - sacred and popular thee that grows up to 40 meters and can live up to 300 years old.

Pine Tree brings element of Air – connection with body. “Fire Tree”, warming, enhancing heart and lungs, energizing, solving, opening. Traditional Germanic cult, symbol of endurance. Transforming of grief into rest, soft peace, inner cleansing and neutralizing unpleasant smells. Restores balance between body and mind. It is used in purifying rituals, eliminating negative forces which block the flow of energy, in living areas as well as in a person's aura. Also an excellent incense for rituals of witchcraft and shamans.

Pine resin is a component of propolis, it is a mixture of tree saps collected by bees. Pine poller is reach in testosteron and is increasing libido. It is fantastic healer of all sorts of wounds.

Pine scent is uplifting and invigorating, releives asthma symptoms.

Connects with Mother Earth on all levels.

Pine needles are rich in vitamin C and help us stay healthy in the cold seasons!


Dragon's Blood powdered resin it's a symbol of magic for millenia. Resin is derived from the Draceana Draco,native tree to Canary Islands, Morocco and other parts of Africa, Asia and Central America. Has been used since ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense and dye.

Used in magical love spells to help return of separated lovers. Helps with fertility and cures impotency. When burned cleanse the space from evil and negative influences. It is drawing in love, sex and money.

Added to other herbs in rites increases its power and potency.

Brings peace and quiet to the noisy house.

Sometimes used in funeral rites to ease of transition.

Helps with respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, curing diarrhea, lowering fevers and skin disorders.

It has coagulant properties, helps stop bleeding (child birth, menstrual bleeding) and used as a wash promotes healing wounds.

Added to ink makes Dragon's Blood ink which is used to inscribe magical spells, seals, protection spells and talismans.

Sometimes can be found with the name 'red roock opium' contains no opiate but may have slight psychoactive effects.

Sprinkled around the house is very protective.

Please do not use around the house if you have small kids or pets!


Tobacco is one of four sacred medicines for many Native Tribes.

It is representing East and the promise that the Creator is always willing to listen. Yellow is the colour that represents tobacco, spring is the season and childhood is the stage of life.

Tobacco is the first plant that the Creator gave to the Anishinabe people. Three other plants are: sage, cedar and sweetgrass are held sacred by the Native people. Together they are referred to as the four sacred medicines. The four sacred medicines are used in everyday life and in all of our ceremonies. All of them can be used to smudge with, though sage, cedar and sweetgrass also have many other uses.

Sacred tobacco was given to us so that we can communicate with the Spirit world. Tobacco is always offered before picking other medicines. When you offer tobacco to a plant and explain your reasons for being there, the plant will let all the plants in the area know your intentions and why you are picking them. Tobacco is used as an offering, a gift, and is an important part of many ceremonies.

Today tobacco has been misused and abused by our modern culture and many people do not realize that this is one of the most sacred plants in the world.


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