Sacred Sound- Healing with Vibration of Sound

Sound is sacred, Sound travels through space and entering our body, connects us with unvisible spirit world. Sound helps to relax, reduce stress, restore natural balance and improve health since ancient times. Many ancient civilisations and modern cultures have been using sound for healing and for accessing higher levels of consciousness. Sound is vibration and everything in the Universe vibrates at the certain level of frequencies.

Dr. Masaru Emoto amazing work on water crystals proves that water responds to sound and creates different crystals when frozen depending on the music played. Simply showing that sound changes molecular structure of water.

The study of Cymatics showes how sound creates geometric pattern in substance.

Human body contain average 70-80% of water, and of course we can heal our body by using sound. We are picking up certain vibrations from the sound and changing water molecules in our body bringing it to balance, harmony and wellbeing.

There are many Sacred Musical Instruments used by millenia to heal our body.

In my energy healing sessions I use sound along with crystals to speed up and increase benefits of the healing.

My favourite are: Chinese Spouting Bowl, Wind Gong, Song Pods, Milltone (tongue drum), Native American Drum, Zaphir Chimes, Singing Bowls, Tunning Forks and other fascinating instruments.

Some of them are very special to my heart and bring so much positive energy to the healing session that I can't imagine life without them now and they bring unexpected positive benefits for my clients.

Please have a look below for my favourite helpers.