The Energy of Crystals & Crystal Healing

The Energy of Crystals

Millions of years old, the extraordinary beauty of crystals has been a source of wonder and mystery throughout the centuries. Crystals have been used in ancient civilizations for various purposes, from amulets, symbols of authority, and for their healing powers.

They has been used for protection, healing, guidance and divination for millennia.

Due to their perfect molecular structure crystals vibrate at a constant rate.

It is this property that makes them the ideal components for many modern technological developments, from quartz watches to the most advanced computer systems in the world today.

Crystals are part of the energies of our planet and the most stable forms of solid matter in the universe. Crystals are the gift that Gaia gives to us of her living body.

Crystals are natural energy resonators, they absorb, transmit and transform energy.

Human body and all living species are crystalline in structure. There is no separation between us, we are all interconnected and we all resonate with Gaia. Every molecule of human and all living species vibrates at its own electromagnetic frequency and resonate with others. By understanding vibration between physical world and energy around us, we can perceive ourselves as part of one living planet and move toward well-being and clarity.

Crystals are made of the same matter as we are and can help us to change our energy fields, bring our bodies to balance and health.

Crystals are not only powerful healing tools but they are also good friends in our life time journey. They are here in our lives to provide our own personal path with growth in ease and grace. Crystals can also be our major teachers in energy work. They are the energy masters, we can learn from them. Crystals have a pure energy and when someone is out of balance the crystals pure vibration will change their vibration and bring the body into balance.

The crystals are chosen by you or you by them. Each one will match your vibrational resonance and help you expand your energy fields as you grow on your spiritual journey.

So the crystals are personal tools in addition to being a way to create a high resonant energy field around the person needing healing. These crystals are all joined in consciousness with crystal temples, crystal skulls and the crystalline banks of energy of Gaia.The energy field of different crystals is influenced by geometrical form, colour and subtle vibration.

The colour of crystal also plays a dynamic role in the Crystal's healing energy. The play of light and colour can stimulate or calm, purify or heal.The Puranas present beautiful stories about the origin of crystals that were created from the seven different kinds of rays of light emanating from the nine major planets of our solar system. These rays were transmitted in the seven colours of the rainbow: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These seven rays of light are responsible for all the cosmic existences in the cosmos, including the human body. Colours are the frequencies of light in different bands, and therefore they emit energy in different forms, which directly influences human body and consciousness.

Crystal Healing

Healing, using crystals is one of the most ancient of all known therapies, and references to their use can be found in the Old Testament, as well as among the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Crystals are perfect for balancing and harmonizing the body and allowing the body’s natural healing abilities to work more effectively.

All crystals and gemstones vibrate at different frequencies so by carefully selecting the crystal with the correct vibration for their client’s needs, the crystal healer can guide the therapeutic properties to the deepest level of their being, to energize and re-balance the body and create a state of harmony and well-being.

There are many ways in which the healing properties of crystals can be implemented therapeutically. One of these is the ancient art of the ‘laying-on-of-stones’. While the client reclines in deep relaxation, the healer gently lays the selected crystals on and around the body, often creating grids and mandalas, on the energy centres (chakras). By activating the chakras in this way, the crystal energy can reach every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - to harmonize and heal where appropriate.

All beings have an energy field, or aura, and this includes minerals. Those energy fields are responsible for our material form and the condition of each and every cell of the body. Matter is only the reflection, the by- product, of unseen energies. Matter is nothing more than crystallised spirit. State of physical body depends and mirrors, the state of energy body. If our energies are weak, disturbed or out of balance, sooner or later it could be manifested as emotional and/or physical dis-ease. So by introducing the very specific vibration of a crystal’s energy field into our own aura, profound changes in our energy field are implemented. Crystals are limited only by the restrictions of our own imaginations. They are all things to all people at all times. To some, they can be subatomic particle transducers, to others a subtle energy that can help relieve pain at some level. They can help us to connect with the Angelic realms, or they can help to relieve some of the tensions of the 21st century. Crystals are not only powerful healing tools but they are good friends.

Crystal healing is a beautiful, gentle experience, using some of the most exquisite examples of Earth’s natural resources.

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