Calanais Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, August 2014, Earth Healing Ceremony

Working with Earth Energies and Crystal Skulls we visited Callanish in August 2014 to bring blessings to the land, to this Sacred Site.

It is believed Callanish was and astronomical callendar associated with the Moon. ​​

The Calanais Standing Stones are an extraordinary setting of 13th stones erected 5,000 years ago. They predate Stonehenge, and an important place for rituals for at least 2,000 years.

The Energy of the stones is unbelievable strong, I could stay there forever, just attune to them, get the messages and be silent in the moment. This place has Magic that is hidden and probably will be never fully uncovered.

It's a shame there was so many people visiting who totally disrespected this Sacred Site. Hope humanity will wake up one day.

For me the best place in the world so far.

Will be back there for sure!!!

Lots of Love to you,