I was dreaming to visit this place for over a year, heard a lot about it,... too scary, ...too difficult to walk down, ...all made me to wake my deep desires up to actually be there, see it and feel it. I wasn't sure if was safe anough for my 9 years old daughter, so most of the times this trip was last on TO DO LIST. One sunny Monday when kid was at school, me and my best friend and for life partner decided to go for a walk, it turned to 1.5h driving trip one way to Devil's Pulpit, totally unexpected and unbelievable touching trip.

The place itself, it's a pure magic, filled with many memories from past. It is said that thousands of women were thrown from the top, to see if they will survive. Simple execution, if the women survived, it was the prove she was the witch and she was executed any way plus her whole family. If she had died, her family was safe. Hmmm.... what a way of thinking!!!

It is also said that this place was a Sacred Place for Druids to have a meetings and for creating the Sacred Rituals.

For me, this place brings respect, so many trapped souls in the rocks, and they speak out very loudly. They speak out with sorrow and pain but as well with a great wisdom that lead you to self-discovery. Discovery of self, of who I am, of who I was in the past, of who I become. Touching, feeling and connecting with the stones, mistery, that I loved, yet having sense of respect, that I can't take with me any of the stones, all of them had the story they have to tell and they belong there. Like you hold a book with a few pages to be ripped off and not being able to read them, you are missing the point of the whole book.

The faces coming out from the rocks, trapped old souls, screaming to be seen, undrestood, and heard - to warn those who do not come in peace to visit this Sacred Place.

So much undiscovered and untold history, so much mistery, so much hurt and pain, so much love and healing that has been done there too. All in one place ....... and the Bloody River, River of Love and Forgiveness.......carries all those feelings with ease....

Please have huge respect in your heart if you think of visiting this place and share only love but take none back with you. If you borrow, you know it has to be returned back.