Health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth- Deep Healing from inside out. DETOX & PURIFICATION for th

Explore the fascinating world of tiny living organisms supporting human and animal health.

Did you ever hear of diatomaceous earth, diatoms?

I came across diatomaceous earth few years ago and have been experimenting with them with times on and off. I am amazed what they can do to my body.

Fascinating natural and inexpensive way of improving your health & wellbeing.

Boost in increased energy level is visible after one day of consuming, other healing benefits are visible after few weeks. There is no other supplement I can recommend higher.


Diatoms are microscopic single cell fossilized algae. The shells of the diatoms of diatomaceous earth are built mainly of silicon dioxide SiO2 and traces of other mineral elements.

I use Perma Guard, Fossil Shell Flour® company with over 50 years of experience in producing pure food grade diatomaceous earth.

Not all Diatomaceous Earth is the same.

Diatomaceous Earth packaged under Fossil Shell Flour® label comes from an extremely pure fresh water deposit of fossilized Aulacoseira diatoms created in the Miocene epoch.


Its shell is made of amorphous silica. Its shape and hardness in the fossilized form are important to how it works. Its hardness keeps it from dissolving in liquid. Fossil Shell Flour ® consists of 89% (and often more) Silicon Dioxide plus numerous trace minerals. Fossil Shell Flour® is almost pure white when dry and appears light tan when wet. Other diatomaceous earth deposits often contains an excess of a particular mineral such as iron or a high percentage of clay giving it a darker color or a reddish tint.

When digested, they pass through the digestive system of humans, animals and birds almost unchanged. Only very small amounts are digested. When they are passed through the digestive system, several important things take place.

Many harmful substances that are present in living organisms are positively charged.

Diatoms have negative charge, they act like a magnet that attracts, absorbs, and destroys positively charged harmful substances which are sufficiently small to get into the holes in diatom shells.

Diatoms passing through your digestive system brush against parasites causing their damage and subsequent death. Diatoms themselves pass through your body not causing any harm.

Most living creatures come in contact with parasite eggs every day. Parasites may be killed with toxic substances or equally effective and harmless diatomaceous earth.

Those processes are partially chemical, as small parts of diatoms are subject to chemical reaction in the presence of digestive gastric acid. In the contact with gastric acid in your stomach, diatom shells are transformed into highly digestible and safe orthosilicic acid that is absorbed by your body greatly improving your health.

Canadian veterinarian Dr. Johnson discovered that diatomaceous earth absorbs bacteria responsible for diarrhea and removes such bacteria from the bodies. Animals are protected from unnecessary stress and potential death.

Animals fed with feed with addition of appropriate amount of good quality fossil flour are not affected by parasites and toxic chemicals and draw maximum benefits from the feed and water they consume. As a result, veterinary care costs may be reduced by even 75%.

Consuming diatoms in certain amounts supports treatment of many diseases in humans – watch a video. >>>

Cleansing of digestive system & DETOX for the whole body

After several months of consuming Diatomaceous Earth your bowels are clean and as a consequence you get many health benefits, resulting from more effective absorption of nutritional elements. Detoxification improves your immune system, resulting in better defense against unwanted guests and diseases. Healthy gut supports in weight loss.

Single dose of diatomaceous earth contains millions of negatively charged diatom shells, attracting positively charged remnants of bacteria, fungi, mould, protozoa, endotoxins, insecticide and drug residues, as well as cations of heavy metals, binding them in the cylindrical structure of the shells and leave the digestive system through the mechanism of defecation. It was also found that methylmercury [CH3Hg]+ is absorbed (mercury is released from amalgamate tooth fillings and transforms to methylmercury in your bowels) and protein-like toxins produced as a result of digestive system poisoning.

Additionally, shell cylinders are very hard and have sharp edges, and when they pass through your intestine they scrape its walls, removing contamination from your body without damage to your intestine mucous membrane and walls.

What Fossil Shell Flour can do for you?

Diatomaceous Earth, composed of silica SiO2 turns into biologically active orthosilicic acid in the stomach necessary for our body's ability to heal itself. The amount of silica decreases with age in our body. Consuming FSF can restore our health:

  • increases vitality and energy level, restore natural immune system and well-being

  • improves digestion and regular bowel movement, healthy gut

  • significantly improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails due to an increase of silicon level, restoring shine and strength of hair and nails. Reduces wrinkles and skin ageing process

  • improves muscular and vascular systems, decreasing the risk of injuries and speeds up healing of wounds and fractures supporting production of collagen and elastin not only preventing wrinkles, but also improving the condition of connective tissue, present in cartilaginous tissue, tendons, ligaments and vascular system (and some internal organs)

  • prevents osteoporosis and reverses existing osteoporosis. Research conducted by biophysicists Louis Kervan and Dr. Richard Barmakian shows that the role of silicon in forming and reconstruction of bones is more important that the role of calcium. Bones were healing at higher speed with small amounts of calcium and large amounts of silicon

  • it prevent high blood pressure and regulates blood pressure through maintaining integrity, flexibility and permeability of blood vessels

  • it's absorbing harmful toxins from the body and improves liver function

  • helps eliminate heavy metals from the body such as aluminium

  • decrease of joint pain and back pain

  • decreasing skin problems, such as psoriasis or rash

  • improvement of arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis

  • improvement of wound healing (in venous leg ulcers)

  • decreasing infections in upper respiratory tract

  • improvement of allergies such as hay fever or food allergy

  • decrease of the tendency to constipation and curbs the gases

  • decrease insomnia

  • improvement of sexual potency

  • support in preventing Alzheimer disease

  • its pH is 8.0 and regulates pH in your body

purifies water, used as an filter


Used as nutrition for pets and animals, also for cats and dogs to fight fleas and maintain healthy coat.

Natural pesticide & soil conditioner

Insect control


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