Health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth- Deep Healing from inside out. DETOX & PURIFICATION for th

Explore the fascinating world of tiny living organisms supporting human and animal health.

Did you ever hear of diatomaceous earth, diatoms?

I came across diatomaceous earth few years ago and have been experimenting with them with times on and off. I am amazed what they can do to my body.

Fascinating natural and inexpensive way of improving your health & wellbeing.

Boost in increased energy level is visible after one day of consuming, other healing benefits are visible after few weeks. There is no other supplement I can recommend higher.


Diatoms are microscopic single cell fossilized algae. The shells of the diatoms of diatomaceous earth are built mainly of silicon dioxide SiO2 and traces of other mineral elements.

I use Perma Guard, Fossil Shell Flour® company with ov