Bea's personal journey to healing, empowerment and the world of magic, crystals and crystal skul

The best way to start every story is to start from beginning and I believe beginning for human being is in Lemuria Civilization. We live on this Planet for some reason, each of us have different story to tell.

Do we actually know what our mission on the Earth is? The answer is locked within us, but luckily, we have a key, we are the key, we are the Crystal Key to our Divine Being and Lemurian Selves. Unlocking the Gates of Mu we start to discover who we truly are and we start to understand what our mission on the planet Earth is. We simply open ourselves to freedom, love, light and beauty within us. My story with the Crystal Keys started in September 2012 when I was looking for natural healing methods to heal myself from pain of loss and grief. Beginning of 2012 wasn’t the greatest year of my life. Two close to my heart people crossed the rainbow bridge, in January my Father and in March my Grandma. I couldn’t understand why my Father died, he was only 55. I was holding anger in my heart, I didn’t know how he could do this to us and at the same time I was blaming him for taking with him my Grandma. She couldn’t stand the fact that she is still alive and her one child not. I knew I had to be strong, I am mum of an amazing girl Victoria and my mum needed support as well. The more I’ve started to understand the death, the more value- life had to me. I began to search for natural healing therapies, I was attuned to Usui Reiki and attending to many workshops and classes like: Ho’oponopono, chakra healing, group meditations, Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. There was still something missing in my life. As I always loved Crystals and Gemstones my interests in Crystal Healing grew every day. One morning Crystal Keys website appeared, there was a picture of elestial smoky quartz crystal skull, and it just hypnotised me! I’ve spent many hours studying about Crystal Skulls, Lemuria, about all fantastic work what Kathleen was doing. I kept coming back to it again and again. This skull is Kalif, I’ve had no idea why and what he is doing to me but I’ve had a feeling that- THIS IS IT! Now I know that Crystal Keys were this missing link in my life. I’ve studied the Crystal Keys, The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, Rhynie, Scotland and successfully achieved Energy Mastery Level 4 and Teacher of Crystal Keys. Well, when I’ve arrived to the Crystal Academy for the first time I’ve met all this fantastic human and non-human beings, all this magnetic Skulls, the Council of Lemurian Elders, our incredible teacher Kathleen- the Guardian of Lemuria and pure love energy around us, I’ve had a strong feeling of “deja vu”, like I’ve been here before and all those people looked familiar. I was simply feeling like coming back home, being home! Incredible feeling of Oneness, like I belong here. I’ve never had this feeling before anywhere else. Now I know that Kalif the crystal skull brought me to this Lemurian Temple because I needed a big healing. I was absolutely delighted to be able to work with Kalif, Sammy, Jade, Twins and other skulls. Thanks to Kalif I’ve opened myself and finally I’ve let go all my fears and the pain of grief. From that day I absolutely believe in speaking skulls! I believe in Lemuria, I believe I was there and I’ve managed to find my way back home again! Crystal Key is inside me, I am the Crystal Key and my responsibility is to keep Lemurian light alive and I absolutely love it! I want to spread this knowledge and Lemurian Healing Wisdom all over the world, that’s how The Gates of Mu came to life. If you read this, you have your own reasons what brought you here- I believe need for healing and transformation within you to be able to connect with your Divine Self- your truth you! When you are absolutely honest with yourself, ready to forgive and accept yourself as a beautiful human being, ready to open your heart, you will see how naturally healing energy of Light and Love flows through you, to others. We can live better lives, by transforming ourselves we can help with transformation of the planet Earth. Everything is a vibration; all the energy we send is coming back to us. We were born with the Light of Love- this is our root, this light is our home, and this is our Lemuria. We just seem to forget all about it being away from home, but is time to come back, is time to realize who we really are. We don’t need wars; we don’t need shame, pain and sadness. We can choose to love and be loved, to be happy, healthy, joyful and live in a harmony with ourselves and all beings around us. We can choose to shine with this Light of Love; this Light is already within us. We are fully responsible for what is coming to our life, because we created that all! I believe Crystal Key is a clear Light of Love that we shine, this Light of Love is a pure energy. Energy gives you a power, power gives us connection that we are all one. When we are connected we have a confidence to be who we really are, to be totally honest with ourselves, accepting ourselves, love ourselves and see a beauty within ourselves. May it be an inspiration to you and welcome on your journey to Lemuria With many Blessings and Love, Bea Bee Kahuila

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