Your Health is Your true Wealth

In today's world is not easy to relax, switch off and just enjoy life as it is.

Every day we deal with vast amount of problems, from personal, emotional and physical health issues to financial struggle for some of us.

Life goes fast and we are often forgetting about ourselves and how important is our own health.

In fact our health is our only true and authentic wealth!

Since I went on the path to self- healing, I have discovered that most of our physical issues are final stages of the struggle created in our heads, our trapped emotions, our negative thoughts.

All of this can create blocks in our energy fields and manifest diseases in our physical body. Subconsciously we create distortions and disharmony resulting with physical illness, often chronic pain. Some are carried through generations and are imprinted in our genetic code, some we develop during this lifetime.

We often look for cure when we are forced to, when our body can no longer deal with physical or mental condition, when we are simply drained out and need something from outside world to put us back on our feet, to bring our strength back.

When is life treating condition, of course we turn to hospital for help and yes I am grateful for National Health service as they always do the best to save our lives. In other cases I would look for a cure in different places. I am not here to talk about big pharma, my opinion is only based on my own experience. I can only talk about personal experience.

Here is example, in February 2017 I was told to be on 26 pills of antibiotics for period 6-12 months as my life was at risk. Scary! Scary was the fact that my life was at risk but even more scary was the amount of pills I had to intake every day. Unfortunately or luckily prescribed medication is for free in UK, not really but again not subject in here. I have asked my doctor, if I have to take that amount of antibiotics can I also get some supplements, vitamins or probiotics to reverse side effects, especially to protect my stomach. Or just advice what I can buy myself. Turns out doctors are not allowed to prescribe anything like that, they are not even allowed to give advice on it.