Unfolding life like taking off the layers of the onion. Where you are now? Who you want to be? Where

When I am stuck in my life, when I don't see inspiration or bright path to walk towards the future. I simply stop for a bit, accept this unknown moment, look back in the past with gratitude. So much lessons there. Every moment of our life from the past created us how we are now. Some people don't want to go back, some people prefer to dwell on the past. Whatever makes them happy in that moment is great for for them. No judgement whatsoever.

I want to bring my personal observations here about my personal life. I was thinking I have started totally ew life in 2012 (we have now 2019) and I was enjoying myself to learn and grow in this new image of me, till now. After receiving constructive criticism, I had to go back to my past again, rethink, switch off, to finally look at myself at my work from different perspective.

I so much wanted to begin new life in 2012 and from that point, I nearly cut off all of my memories from life I had before. I so much wanted to be someone better, working hard every day, learning new things every day and receiving LABELS, diplomas,experiences. To become in service for people, to help others like me to become better, to help them heal.

Now 7 years later, I am happily going back with memories beyond 2012.

I come from family of very beautifully wounded people, they had