In Memory of Loved Ones this Samhain.

Blessings to All Souls at this special time of the year!

Samhain it’s the time of celebration of the cycle of Life and Death and end of the harvest.

It is a time to remember those we have lost, time to contemplate on cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Time to remember that nothing last forever and how fragile our life is.

Time to honour Life as it is with respect and gratitude.

Enjoying this present moment as tomorrow is never promised.

Samhain is the time of the year when our physical world and spirit world can communicate with ease.

It is a good time to honour our ancestors and contact with the spirit world.

Samhain represents beginning of the winter and end of the summer.

The nights are becoming shorter. Mother Earth is asleep and we step up into darkness. The dark parts of ourselves and our deeply rooted feelings and emotions.

Perfect time to connect with our roots.

Perfect time for the reflection about past year and our life, spiritual growth and preparation for the New Year to come.

Sunset on Samhain represents beginning of Celtic New Year.

This is a good time to wrap up the old, all that does not serve us anymore or anything unresolved and prepare for new to come.

Perfect time to connect with ourselves, letting go of the past in order to grow.

Time to release old patterns and habits that we have overgrown to make space for new ideas and plans to come to life.

This time of the year for me is the most special, this time of the year I love to spend in silence.

The Silence of the Heart, the Silence of the Soul, the Silence of the Mind and deep reflection on our Sacred and fragile life.

As a child I loved to spend time at the cemetery, that was the only place where I could get answers without judgement.

Talking long hours to souls that have been there and wisdom they shared is priceless.

I lost few loved ones as a child but never fully understand the process of the grief and loss.

Now looking back, I still don’t understand it. But since beginning of 2012 many important souls close to my heart left this physical plane.

My father began my huge personal grief healing journey in January 2012, then my most beautiful human being on Earth and my mentor in March 2012. I was broken, my life turned to many unpleasant moments and pain, huge pain.

Now I see it as my blessings because if not the pain I have experienced I would never allow myself to heal.

In fact healing process is always in action.

You think you healed and understood grief...

New ones hit you ...

In the past few years I have lost my father, my grandma, two of my great teachers, two of my great friends, and friends in animal body.

The candle 🕯 for them is always lit in my heart and I think about them every day. But Samhain is special time when we all should unite and give gratitude to those who gave the best they could with the time that was given to them and simply cherish them for their presence in our life, even if it was short one.

As we all know, there is a never good time to say goodbye.

Maybe there is no need to say goodbye, maybe as my wise Hawaiian teacher Garry once said: “ people don’t die, people don’t go away, they just change address “

Maybe if we learn and accept this way of thinking it will be easier for us who are still here.

The most important is to hold in the heart great moments, let go of those heavy ones, bring gratitude and love to our hearts and send it to those that were part of our life once.

Blessings to All Souls, Love & Gratitude.




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