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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

This fascinating season of the year is a perfect time to put walking comfy shoes on, get lost in the woods, breathing fresh air, connecting with trees and discovering extraordinary kingdom of fungi.

We will be learning about common edible mushrooms and also most important we will get familiar with most deadly poisonous fungi species. Our safety and health are our priority and before we discover tasty mushrooms, we have to be able to recognise and avoid deadly ones. YES!!!! They are around and often they look pretty and smell good!!!

This event is for beginner foragers to take first confident steps in the woods and also for existing and experienced people who want to join us, deepen the knowledge and share own wisdom and experiences.

This event is for mind body and spirit, we will be sharing powerful breathing techniques and energy body movements for us to be fully present and being able to get the most of the day. Next day you will feel renewed and full of vital energy inspired by Nature.

Great chance for you to find own delicious dinner in the woods as well.

Part of the event is litter picking while we walk along the path, this is nice and appropriate way to give something back to the Nature and show our gratitude. Mother Earth provides us with food and healing on all levels and picking litters we spot it’s a perfect way of saying THANK YOU MOTHER.

Spot Granny Agaric, Mr. FUNGuy & Queen Bee to WIN SPECIAL PRICES.

Due to the nature of the event and walking distance, it might not be suitable for children and dogs. (Feel free to contact Bea directly to discuss the details).

We will have a chance to discuss our finds and prepare delicious foot in the presence of bonfire.

We have a few written rules and the list with items you would need to take with you. This will be send to you in the pdf form via email once your booking confirmation is complete.

We have few events to share with you this year, below are the dates:

• 11th August, Pentlands area, 10am- 3pm

• 17th August, Lanarkshire, 10am- 3pm

• 8th September, Perthshire, 11am- 4pm

• 14-15 September, Aberdeenshire, this is two days event. You can join for the full event (your own tent will be required), or just one of the days

• 12-13th October, Aberdeenshire, another two days event. You can join for two days or just one day of your choice.

• 10th November, Pentlands, 11am- 4pm this is last event of the year.

Cost for the event:

• one day event per person £35/ couples £50

• two days event per person £60/ couples £100

if you want to join for just one of two days event, then is £35 per person / couples £50

Booking in advance is necessary as places are limited and we need to prepare event materials.

Non refundable deposit of £15 is required to confirm your booking.

It can be send via PayPal to: the13crystalsecrets@gmail.com

mot you can get tickets directly on our event page.


ones completed, you will receive booking confirmation receipt along with ticket for the event and all detailed information including exact meeting point.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Bea via email (above)

Bea has been foraging mushrooms since 1984, her life long passion to fungi kingdom was introduced to her by her beloved grandma, whose wisdom in wild medicine was reaching beyond our imagination. Now she would love to share with you old and new techniques in finding best and rare species of mushrooms.

WARNING! Foraging is addicting, once you start, you would never stop!

Looking forward to hear from you and see you at the event.

Blessings with Love & Gratitude

Barefoot Warrior- Bee 🐝 your Medicine Team

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