What’s your purpose in this life time?

I’ve been wondering lately to find a true purpose of my life, of the life of human species. Why we are here? What makes us think that we are most evolved species on this planet? Why we think and who gave us rights to think?

Ego driven instincts, they are not natural. Sometime on our path we lost this sense of belonging, the connection to the source, the authentic nature of human being. We are not more evolved than any other species, in fact we are far behind. We complicate our life with our thoughts, we let our brain to get littered with false dogma. Money, possession of material things we “need” in order to be happy. Every day running this rat race to prove ourselves that we are worthy, to prove others that we are doing well, that we are better than them. All of this is a trap. Trap that keeps you stuck in this material, physical world and disconnect you from your true nature.

I have watched lately video of the person who wants to be seen, for the purpose of this video this person broke a few branches of the tree so the camera could see all clearly. My heart was crying. Why? I have asked myself why this person did this? I am sure awareness that all is alive and we have to respect all is something that nobody is learning at school.

Many years ago I was walking behind the lady with a child. Child finished his snack and asked mum: “what do I do with the plastic package?”

mum said: just drop it.

so the kid did this. Me and my daughter witness it. I was in shock! Kids are always learning from us, they repeat all what you do because for them you are the highest authority.

I don’t want to judge anyone.

I want you to take time and think.

Why you are here? If you can read this, I am sure you can figure it out what is your purpose in this life time.

What if our highest purpose is death?

Did you ever took it as an option?

We work everyday on ourselves to make us better. But why? To be seen? To have better house? To be successful in any field you wish to be? To be just happy?

Well, nothing will make you truly happy ever if your goals are outside your self.

True happiness and healing energy from within.

Learning how to connect with yourself, and being present at the same time in this reality is a huge work. Not many are strong enough to achieve this. Not many will try to meet own monsters and welcome them with love.

My thoughts on that are: be or not to be?

Question again. What if death is our mission. We are born, we live our life and we die once our mission is completed. No judgement on that, just accepting how life circles work.

But during your life time you as a person can make a huge difference to this world.

The choices you make, the actions you take create the world around you.

You as human being are fully responsible for your own actions, your actions can either be help or harm. The silent ones are not helping at all. So is up to you where you are in saving our home, your family, your own hap and fulfilme

nt. It is entirely up to you, who you want to be. But remember we are ONE, and so far we don’t have different planet to move to.

So, respect with your heart the one you have ♥️

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