Bee Your Medicine Wheel- one day workshop

Bee Your Medicine Wheel- one day workshop


In this one-day workshop you will learn how to create Healing Medicine Wheel based on Sun Bear Medicine Wheel and other Sacred teachings.

This workshop will give you tools not only to heal yourself, but you will learn how to create Sacred Space around you and also how to create Medicine Wheel for larger projects as Planetary Healing, so you can be in service for higher purpose.

We will be working with Sacred Elements, Ancestors, Crystals, medicinal plants and animal spirits.

Very intense and powerful workshop to attend.

We will meet at 12 noon working hard during the day, and end this beautiful gathering

at the Sun Set with Sacred Fire Agnihotra Ceremony

at the local beach.

Sending healing and prayers to our families, relatives and surroundings.

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    I was first introduced to Sun Bear medicine wheel in the beginning of 2013 at magical Lemurian Temple in Rhynie by Kathleen Murray.

    Since then working with it on many levels, I have added to it a few new concepts which helped me to connect with this powerful medicine tool on deeper levels.

    Now it’s time to share this medicine with you, not only to give you tools for personal healing but for higher purpose- Healing for Humanity and our Planet.

    Especially now at the times of confusion, political changes and chaos around the world, our legacy is to connect and work as one and have positive impact on our Planet.

    Together we can make this world a better place to live.


    And this is our responsibility to take an action, not only for us but for our future generations.

    Sun Bear had a vision of bringing all people into Harmony

    with each other

    and with All Our Relations on Mother Earth.


    He was given a special Medicine Wheel and much ancient Medicine Wheel knowledge for this purpose.


    Learning, working with and meditating

    with this Medicine Wheel

    has accomplished this for many people

    and I hope it will help to bring you

    to a closer connection with All Our Relations,

    and with the Father of all fathers,

    our Creator.

    The medicine wheel is an Ancient Sacred creation and a symbol of balance and connection with Ancestors and Universe.

    Medicine wheels are made by sacred ritual of carefully placing stones around in a circle on the Earth or at home.

    The medicine wheels can be very big for large gatherings or small for personal healing and altars.

    Creation of a medicine wheel it’s a sacred ceremony.

    It begins with making a connection with the spirits and ancestors of the chosen space.

    The stones are chosen to be part of medicine wheel and with each placing of a directional stone, the powers and energies of that direction are called into the space.

    This is what gives a medicine wheel resonance and aliveness.

    A ‘living’ medicine wheel is also sometimes called a Sacred Hoop. It is a sacred space through which we can feel and celebrate our interconnection with everything within the circle of life.

    Each direction on the wheel offers lessons and gifts that support the development of a balanced individual.

    The idea is to remain balanced at the centre of the wheel while developing equally the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s personality.



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