Glasswalking Ceremony

Glasswalking Ceremony


The moment of having clear mind, the moment of having no thoughts only own limits....

realising that we are limitless..... 100% of fucus, the true connection with myself..... Amazing experience...... remainder of present moment........ NOW!!!! ONLY NOW EXISTS!!!


I invite you to try it.

Every glasswalk I organise I have tears in my eyes and deep gratitude in my heart.

The ceremony last 3 hours, walk itself last just a minute, but we prepare ourselves with special techniques for the best experience.

The path of broken glass is about 2 metres long, made of carefully selected and disinfected over 300 bottles. 

I run individual ceremonies for one person or small groups up to 4 people. If you have a group of more than 4 people, get in touch with me as I am happy to find suitable venue.


It is not something you desire to do but it is intriguing. Few meters of over 300 broken glass bottles are your path. It is not only a challenge that will help you overcome your fears and limiting  beliefs, much more to it.

It is deep personal experience, that will help you:

1. Connect with your higher self, discover who you really are and what is your purpose on this planet

2. Be fully present and focused 100% on this moment. How many thoughts you have in your head every moment? Walking on broken glass will bring you clarity and will help you to become fully present.

3. you will be able to see clearly what really matters in life, NOW, this present moment is all we have. Worrying about past or future, does nothing else but keep you away from being present for yourself and your loved ones.

4. Fantastic way to put back together all the broken pieces of you, forgiveness for yourself and others for past mistakes and harmful events.

5.  You will become more calm, but your life force energy will rise up to high levels. 

6. The sense of feeling bliss, joy and happiness just for being alive will arose. 

7. Your connection with Nature will become stronger, you will hear and see more

8. your mind will open up and stretch to see deeper horizons

9.  you will become stronger, simply by realizing that all the limits you had were created in your mind. You will realise that you can achieve anything you believe you can.

10. you will realise that this broken glass, is like your life, not always smooth and flat. Sometimes sharp moments do come and the best we can do is to welcome them with gratitude, as they are our true healers and teachers. The moments when you decide to walk outside your comfort zone, is the moment when you learn and grow.


There are many more health benefits of walking barefoot on broken glass, but as each of us is different and unique on your own way, you may experience it on your own way. 


    Did you ever walk on broken glass before?

    Well.....I invite you to experience the sound of broken glass under your barefoot.

    Not only the sound..... not only your ears can sense danger,

    but your vision...... your eyes... your eyes can see danger...

    Your eyes, Your ears are focusing on small pieces of broken glass, sending signal to your brain....




    Walking barefoot on broken glass may sound for you like a crazy idea. Well, my thoughts were exactly the same before I have tried it for the first time. I have walked on glass hundreds times and each time I feel blessed and grateful for the experiences it gives me.

     Many people ask me this simple question: why? why would I walk on broken glass? does it hurt?

    I am firewalking and glasswalking instructor certified by Sundoor, I have done many ceremonies where people walked unharmed on glass and fire. 

    For sure this is challenge where you overcome your own limited believes and fears, but there is a lot more to it.

    This is Sacred Ceremony that brings deep healing to the parts of your body that are resisting to be healed the most. It is deep personal experience and should be treated with respect. There is no place for bravery or ego here, surrender and trust are the keys. 

    Many people do not feel ready to take those steps, but I have also met ego driven individuals who think it is nothing special, just challenge, till they took this first step....

    The fact is, nobody is really, really ready to face sharp and broken parts of themselves, that's what walking barefoot on broken glass can give you for sure, so be prepared.

    Be prepared to meet your deepest fears and demons inside you. 

    Be prepared to meet your survival instincts that tells you not to walk because it will hurt.

    Be prepared to face your weak parts of you, the parts you do not tolerate in you.

    Be prepared to see your whole life, the past events that you are not so proud of. 

    Be prepared to meet much more of yourself, your authentic self!

    Be prepared to receive healing and strength.


    Once you decide to do this first step you give yourself the opportunity to see more, to feel more!


    Before we go any further, I would like to say a few words about glass. In my work, in my sacred ceremonies I work closely with four elements, water, fire, earth and air.  We all are made of those elements and balancing them in our body is bringing health and vitality.


    What is glass? What is glass made of?


    Nowadays life doesn't seem possible without glass, we use it every day, from jars, bottles, windows, to phone or computer screens. We do not see how glass is important to us, but take a moment and think of not having glass available in your life... hmmm...

    Looking at the glass from spiritual point of view, it is actually pretty amazing as it contains all the elements. The process of creation of the glass is pretty amazing itself.  It can occur in the nature where volcanic glass (obsidian) is made or can be man made. 

    Sand is the main component of it, so we have element of Earth here. Sand is exposed to high temperatures (element of Fire) to be melted to become the liquid (element of Water) to finally be blowed by element of Air to take it's final shape as solid substance.  In fact chemical composition of glass is more like a liquid,  in room temperature is solid but exposed to high temperatures starts to melt, it is soft enough to be blown, pressed or moulded into desirable shapes. One of the most amazing qualities of glass is being 100% recyclable in infinite numbers of time without losing it's quality.



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