This is the introduction to Lemuria and opportunity to meet one of your Lemurian selves. This online training is about self- empowerment, learning new concepts and crystal healing at deep level. Life changing training that will bring you closer to who you are and empower your true self. For beginners or existing therapists to incorporate this powerful healing method into own practices. You will learn how to connect and work with crystals & crystal skulls, sound healing and Universal Life Force Energy. You will receive Lemurian attunement during the meditations and learn how to use this technique to treat yourself, family and friends.

After completing it online you will receive Crystal Keys certificate L. 1.

Electronic version of manuals are ready to download for students online (MP3 with meditations will be sent separately via email or whatsApp.)

If you would like to receive paper copy of course materials, there is additional fee of £17 for manuals and £60 for laminated set of Imprints & Symbols (on transparent A4 sheets) plus postage £3. Contact Bea to request hard copies. 

For students IN PERSON the hard copy of course materials are included in the cost of the training. 

Online studying of this course is for people who can't attend in person, however it is recommended to participate in person. If you are taking online course and in the future want to join in person, then please offer the difference in the course as an honourable gesture for what you will receive during two days of intense training.​

Bea runs Crystal Keys courses in person once a year.

Level 1 is usually in December in the Magical birthplace of this training Lemurian Temple in Rhynie, Scotland.

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Investment/ Energy Exchange:

£150 ONLINE electronic version of course materials

£300 IN PERSON lunches & full manuals included

  • Details

    *We will begin with introduction to Lemuria, there is a presentation about the Myth of Lemuria, exploring the foundation of Lemuria by the Sirians and the evolution of Lemurian people.

    *History of Crystal Keys, how Vibrational Healing Wisdom was founded and developed. Story of the founder, Kathleen Murray and the story of her crystal skulls: Kalif, Mahassamatman/ Sammie, Jade.

    *Bea's personal journey to healing, empowerment and the world of magic, crystals and crystal skulls.

    *Life Force Energy, what it is and our connection  with the Universe. You will be learning techniques to connect with your higher-self, your lemurian self and universal energy.

    *guided meditation and lemurian initiation

    *Divine Intelligence of  Crystals and Crystal Skulls. Connecting with energy of crystals and learning how to sense/ feel this energy

    *Metaphysics, Multidimensional reality, Galactic beings, Etheric skulls

    *You will be given symbols and Imprints of Wholeness and learn how to read vibrational picture for healing of yourself, family, clients, animals or Earth healing. The vibrational picture is to increase your understanding and connection.

    *You will learn how to dowse from higher-self level. You are going to need pendulum which will be assigned to work with Crystal Keys. If you need help with choosing right pendulum, let me know and I will advise you.

    *We will be working with a team of 13 Lemurian quartz crystals that will support all the movements of the energy to increase that new resonance. You can choose your own Crystal Keys set. I usually have a range of different types of Lemurian crystals, which vary on availability. If you prefer, I can ask your higher-self and dowse for the crystals that want to be with you as your spiritual tools/ companion. Crystals can be purchased in advance from me or from any place that sells Lemurian crystals. You may already have set of 13 lemurians that you feel can be working as your Crystal Keys set, I can  help you to assign each of them for their specific jobs.

    *Introduction to Sacred Sound and practice. Invocation to Shamael- the Angel of Sacred Sound.

    *Techniques to clear your mind, stay in the present moment

    *Introduction to plant medicine, herbs & incense 

    *Grounding and protecting your energy techniques

    *Cleansing Crystals and space techniques

    *Introduction to vibrational remedies

    *Reaching roots of the dis-ease, healing shame, fear, guilt, grief

    *Learning forgiveness, self-love, self-empowering techniques

    *Working with other  crystals

    *Crystal Grids

    *Introduction to Sacred Elements and Cardinal Directions

    *Earth healing techniques and how to respond to global crisis. Everything we do can influence the whole, and we can make this world a better place

    *preparing sacred space for healing and how to work with the person needing healing

  • Lemurian Initiation

    Lemurian Initiation will be during guided meditation and channelling where you will have opportunity to meet and connect with your Lemurian self. Were you a guardian of the Lemurian temples, a Dreamer, a   Magician, a Seer, Crystal Dancer, Crystal Singer, Priest/ Priestesses or Medicine Person? If you are attracted to Lemuria or crystals,  it is likely that you have lemurian self in you, who has wisdom to share with you; to   bring into your life now, not just in words, but as a presence. Lemurian Initiation will help to bring your memories back, expand your sense of self, into more wholeness. The  integration of your new resonance will help you change your life. It will  take  you into the space for deep healing and once you carry that medicine for yourself, you can help others on their journey to empowerment.

    Learning Crystal Keys is a great starting point for experiencing and working with healing energy of crystals and an excellent method for understanding universal energy flow. It complements other healing methods and spiritual practices.

    Online students will receive audio recordings with two guided meditations; Journey to Lemuria and Journey to Crystal Temple.

  • More info

    If you are already practicing different modalities of healing,then Crystal Keys can be a foundation for your healing practices. Once you have set up the crystals, you are free to express your love and care in any way you know. If you are a beginner,you can develop your intuition and sensing during the healing session, witnessing the crystals working.

    If you are attending in person, you are given time to experience giving and receiving a Crystal Keys healing session.

    If you are taking the online course, then you can practice on yourself, or a friend, or a family member to begin with.

    If you have any queries when doing the online course, you are welcome to email me, and if needed have a chat on the phone or skype.

    When you take in person course, you will receive hard copy of manuals and have access to it online.

    When you take online course, you will only receive electronic version of manuals. Hard copy  on request with additional charge of £50 to cover preparation and printing materials.

    If attending the two days workshop, the Healer will be given a certificate to practice at the end of the training.

    If you are taking online course, please contact me once you complete your home study modules and feel confident in practicing healing sessions,  and can demonstrate your understanding, through email, phone or skype. Then I will send you Crystal Keys Level 1 certificate.

    Students are encouraged to repeat each level as many times as they like, to be able to integrate the information and benefit from more healing experiences. The exchange for repeating Crystal Keys workshop in person is a contribution to lunches and refreshments, and is possible as long as there is a space in the venue. If you have participated in a Crystal Keys workshop in previous years with me, and the course fee has been updated, or you took online course and now want to join in person, then please offer the difference in the course as an honourable gesture for what you will receive. If you studied with Kathleen Murray and would like to repeat it online updated version or in person I am happy to offer it with great discount.

    If you have any questions regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Looking forward to  welcome you in the world of Lemuria, healing and magic.

    Blessings with love and gratitude

    Bea Bee Kahuila



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