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 Chocolate for the Soul

Did you ever considered chocolate as medicine?
Join us for Mystic Ix- Cacao Ceremony, heal your heart and discover your true passion.

For Mayans & Aztec's drinking of cacao elixir was the privilege of Royal, rich and spiritual people.
Cacao always has been sacred and used in rituals and ceremonies by Mesoamerican Ancestors for thousand of years.

Now you have a chance to discover this sacred medicine.
It gives life changing experience, breakthroughs and self- realisation. Nurtures all parts of our body that have been dried out, transform it and awakens our passion for life, our full potential and biggest desires.
Heals and renews the whole body, mind and spirit.

Our cacao is sourced and harvested for ceremonial purposes. It is high strength grade cacao that nurtures and energises our whole body. Our cacao comes from chocolate Shaman from Guatemala.

Please check my events page for IxCacao Ceremonies.

Blessings with Love, Joy & Gratitude

Bea Bee Kahuila

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