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Sacred Elemets


Everything in the Universe is made up of Four Elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

Everything is made up of some unique combination of Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

Ancient people knew the importance of Sacred Elements, they honoured them and worshiped them.

My study of Natural Medicine, Ancient Civilizations and personal healing journey, lead me to understanding that we are all connected in this vast Universe, we are all connected by our roots and Sacred Elements are the roots of all existence. To heal our body, we need to bring to balance all the elements we are created of.

Our physical body, all physical matter are created of Earth.

Adult body contain approximately 70% of Water.

Our lungs are filled with Air.

Our Life Force Energy, passions and desires is Fire.

Taking moment and reflection, how often we think of those Elements as base of our creation? How often we honour them as part of us?

Native People honoured and worked closely with all the Elements creating Medicine Wheels.

In Ancient times approximately 400BC Hippocrates of Cos called now the father of Medicine developed the idea that the Four Elements acted upon by the Vital Force become activated into Humorous- Vital Fluids once they had been assimilated and absorbed into the body. He related those Humours to four Elements, four Seasons. Air absorbed through the lungs is transformed into Water. Water become the Earth from the substance of food. Earth become Heat or Fire.

In 325BC Aristotle added to the theory the idea of the Elements being linked to the four qualities: HOT, DRY, COLD & WET. Each Element is a mixture of two paired qualities. This allows for the transformation of one Element into another, if the predominance of one quality was altered. Aristotle also suggested that there is the Fifth Element- Aether.

FIRE(Hot& Dry)+WATER(Cold& Wet)=EARTH(Cold& Dry)+AIR(Wet& Hot) 

And in c. 190AD physician Claudius Galen linked the Humours and qualities with the tissues of the body (liver, brain/lungs, spleen, and gallbladder). Then the idea came that humours could be linked to the temperaments of man. And we’ve got four basic Temperaments of Man: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic, and Choleric.


All living creatures, animals, plants, rocks are made of those Four Elements and of course we humans too.

Our body contain the mixture of four of them, where one or two could be dominant.

It is important for our health and well- being to keep those Four Elements in balance.

We can heal our body, mind and spirit by recognizing which element is our dominant and which one lack in our body.

I work closely with four of them in my healing sessions and meditation classes to bring your body into balance and harmony, aiding you with your healing process and helping you to achieve optimum health.

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