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EARTH- The Sacred Nurtition

Health, Strength & Manifestation 


Mother Earth provides us with the greatest medicine of all, the food, the nutrition that gives us energy for us to stay alive.


Once you connect with Divine Mother- Gaia, your body will be filled with sense of security and stability.


The food we eat are gifts from the Mother for us to grow in strength.


Nourishing is from inside out.


All we have to do is welcome those gifts with gratitude and humble heart.


We need to learn to reconnect with our Mother.


Walking barefoot.


Hugging the trees and soil.


For our seeds of hope to grow in strength.


I am honoured to offer you Techniques honoured by ancient civilisations to bring your body into balance and harmony, for you to manifest success in every aspect of your life.


I offer you connection with grandmothers, so you can reach your roots for your own self- realisation, growth and health.


Connect with crystalline energy of millions years old stones and crystals.


Discover healing power of plant medicine.


Learn to connect with your pet, animal for you and them to heal past traumas.


This is my prayer for you, for me, for all of us, every living being on this Planet.


I am honoured to guide you on your journey that is called life. Your unique gift.

Connect with GAIA and join us in our workshops:

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