Over the years, after struggling with many physical, mental, emotional issues, dysfunctional belief systems and destructive habits from childhood I have developed deep Energy Healing Method that changed my life forever and now I would like to share it with you. 


This is Natural Healing method based on Ancient Knowledge of vibrational medicine, practiced by Shamans and Medicine People all around the world for millennia.

I was inspired by Native Cultures from Mexico, Peru, Hawaii & Tibet, while studying their cultures and healing methods, I have discovered that many Ancient cultures around the world have lots of similarities in their believe systems. This lead me to study legends of Lost Land of Mu and I've recalled many memories from this time on Earth. I believe we can rebuild the connection once we have had with land and all living beings. Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness are the keys to healing.

I am practitioner of Hawaiian Huna /Ho'oponopono and Mayan Healing Wisdom.

I am Reiki Master/ Teacher, I hold diploma in Crystal & Gem Therapy and Crystal Keys- Energy Mastery Level 4 


I work intuitively with deep connection to the Nature, Plant Medicine, Animal Wisdom, Sacred Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether-Spirit), Vital Life Force Energy (for some known as Reiki, Ki, Chi, Mana, Prana energy), Crystals and Crystal Skulls, Sacred Sound, Colour, Moon Phases and Sacred Geometry.

Bringing this vast Ancient Knowledge to the modern world, I am honoured to assist you on your personal healing journey.

In the healing sessions I am guided by Bee, Jaguar, Peacock and White Buffalo Healing Wisdom, followed by my natural gifts I was born with, psychic seeing (clairvoyance), psychic hearing (clairaudience), and psychic feeling (clairsentience).

I understand that each of us is different and we all have different needs. I aim to treat every person with holistic approach, which means treating body, mind and spirit as a whole. Reaching, identifying and healing roots of disease on mental/ emotional level we can heal symptoms manifested on physical body. Aligning with our true nature we can bring our body into balance, health and vitality.


Please remember, energy therapy touches the parts of ourselves that need to be healed in exact moment of time. With the techniques I am using in energy healing sessions I will help you to open up and I will assist you in your own healing process.

In the past 7 years, I have helped many of beautiful souls. I am blessed with this gift and I am forever grateful for everyone  who found me, trusted in me and trusted in themselves. Those amazing people who have chosen life, health and happiness over life long drama and struggle.

Here is the list with issues, I am confident to help you with if you feel ready to heal yourself:

1. Physical conditions:


-psoriasis and other skin conditions,

-digestion issues and IBS,


-chronic pain,

-back pain,

-muscle pain,


-headaches and migraines,

-weight issues.


2. Mental & emotional conditions:

-stress and anxiety,


-low self esteem and low self confidence,


-obesity and addictions,

-childhood traumas and past life traumas,

-parent- child issues,

-relationship problems and sexual blocks,

-lack of vitality and low energy,

-sense of separation and loneliness,

-lack of creativity,

-financial issues,

-fear and shame issues,

-feeling of discomfort,

-disconnection and lack of focus,

-difficulties to see life purpose.


Personal sessions in my private healing space in Edinburgh.

*IN PERSON 45 mins- 60 mins session £40

*IN PERSON 1.5-2h deep session £70