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Your Home- Your Sanctuary

In this one day workshop you will learn how to purify your home, workplace or land from negative energies to create the Sacred Space that will support your wellbeing and health. 

Energy surround us everywhere and flows throughout our environment and is important to have a look at the place we live in as the place where the energies are stored.

Phone lines, all new technology, water supply all this can cause geopathic stress, distorsions to electromagnetic field of the Earth energy.

Geopathic stress brings negative energy, makes people unwell and brings down our immune system.

We are often forgetting how important for our health and well-being is the place where we spend the most of the time. Getting healing sessions only for ourselves may not bring great results if our home, office or business place is full of stagnant energy. 

This as well may have a big impact if we want to sell or rent our house or even to run a successful business.

You may be surprised how healing the energy around your home and workplace can improve your personal and family health and bring your relationships into harmony and balance.

In this workshop, you will learn useful techniques of energy cleaning and cleansing for your home using dowsing rods, crystals, sound, smudging and your intention.

I will share with you simple crystal grids and what type of crystals are the best to protect your home.

I will explain different types of smudging herbs for purifying of negative energies and restoring natural harmony of your living space.

I can also provide you with an advice and a trusted service on re-decorating your place.

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